Wake County Day of Discovery

Football flags were easy to spot on I 40 and 540 in NC on Saturday morning with two ACC teams getting ready for their week 3 showdowns.  The auditorium at Panther Creek High School also had its share of team colors as 103 educators from central North Carolina gathered to network and to share ideas for bringing the world to their students via digital media.  The day began with an introduction to the Benjamin Button Effect from the DEN’s Lance Rougeux, who also shared strategies for digital storytelling in the classroom.  Jen Dorman took the group on a whirlwind tour of ways to engage students with DE streaming that go beyond the play button…or “Beyond the stream.”  Justin Karkow went around the world (and to the moon) in 50 minutes with digital media and Google Earth…where he was also able to confirm using the ruler feature that Panther Creek High School was truly in the center of it all:

UNC vs. ECU at Kenan Stadium, 10 mi

NC State vs. Gardner Webb at Carter Finley Stadium, 10.1 mi

Duke vs. Kansas at Memorial Stadium, 922 mi ( 2 out of 3 isn’t bad)

We had a wonderful day and are pleased to share the handouts and presentations from the session below.  We are looking forward to coming back to central NC soon!

Digital Storytelling, Frame-by-Frame

Beyond the Stream

2 Roudtrip Tickets Anywhere: DE streaming + Google Earth

Visit the DEN and DE streaming professional development for more strategies!

4 thoughts on “Wake County Day of Discovery

  1. The program was very good. You said we will be getting DE streaming for 30 days – when can we expect that?

  2. I am developing my media website to be more students involved. I look forward to help my students to use the tools that I learned from the workshop to build our media website. It would be nice to have a 40 day pass to DE streaming. This would give a little more time while teaching and gathering the funds needed for continuation privileges.

  3. It was entreating to attend a workshop to be informed not only information concerning Discovery Education but also other multimedia tools we can use to enhance learning.

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