San Antonio Day of Discovery

The temperature in San Antonio hit record lows on Saturday morning, December 5th, but the energy level at Woodridge Elementrary hit record highs as 90 Texas educators assembled to gather ideas for their classrooms.  Steve and Mike tried to bring the Chicago weather with them, but it held out long enough to allow us to spend the better part of the idea sharing tips and tricks for digital storytelling, virtual field trips and integrating digital media into all of the facets of the school day.  On behalf of the Discovery Education team, I would like to thank Malinda McCormick (KLRN), Jennifer Faulkner (Alamo Heights ISD/TCEA Reg 20), Elaine Plybon and Linda Rush from the TX Leadership Council and the staff of Woodridge Elementary for all that you did to make Saturday such a great day!  As promised, we’ve assembled follow-up materials from each of our sessions for you below.  Happy exploring!

Click the link to download the materials from each session:

A Day in the Life of a Discovery Educator

Roundtrip Tickets to Anywhere in the World

Lights, Computer, Action