SCETV Workshop Materials

Hello South Carolina!  I have attached the PowerPoint from our “Discovery Exciting Internet Tools” workshop below.  Be sure to let us know if you find any more sites that we can share with others!  Enjoy, and remember…there is so much more than the play button.  Happy exploring!!

Discover Exciting Internet Tools

A BIG time in the “Little Apple!”

If you ever want to visit a town that oozes with character, be sure to visit Manhattan Kansas, home of the K-State Wildcats! In addition to being the “Little Apple,” the streets are filled with purple passers by and some of the nicest students you will ever meet. Our time in Manhattan was filled with great opportunities to meet some wonderful educators, starting with a full room at the KS Day of Discovery on Wednesday and concluding with the MACE conference on Thursday and Friday. Thanks to Tanya Gray, Dean Mantz, Mary Frazier, Dan Brown and Jim Clark for being such wonderful hosts! For those of you who would like copies of the presentations that were shared, I have posted them for you below. Enjoy!

Discovery Education + Google Earth

A Warm Welcome in Phoenix


95 educators traveled from as far as Flagstaff to spend their Saturday in beautiful Phoenix AZ for a Day of Discovery at Castro Middle School. The day started off with an inspiring message from Cathy Poplin followed by a journey into the digital media frontier. The day was fast and furious, but everybody went home with their first taste of the DEN and the support that it can bring to their classroom. On behalf of the Discovery Education team, I would like to thank Rosy Escandon and Vicki Schmidt, Ann Lumm and Alison Oswald-Keene for helping to make today such a wonderful day for all of us!!

Texas STARs Shine Bright at TCEA Pre-Conference Event

TCEA Group PictureThe Texas Spirit Theater at the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum lived up to its name as 172 educators representing 41 Independent School Districts, education service centers and independent schools assembled to learn how to use Discovery Education streaming to bring the world to their students.  The motto of the day, “satisfy your curiosity,” echoed throughout the museum as teachers, administrators and many others learned new ways to integrate digital media into their day.  Attendees learned strategies to make their multimedia presentations come alive, create engaging digital masterpieces with editable videos, pictures and audio, and integrate Discovery Education streaming into their classrooms.  Thanks to all who came from near and far to make this one of the biggest DEN events in Texas!

Austin Day of Discovery, Dec 6, 2008


Saturday was a day filled with new ideas and new connections…the perfect combination! Thanks to our presenters Diane Sidoroff, Arturo Guajardo and Howard Martin, we covered a LOT of material. 59 teachers walked away with strategies for digital storytelling, adding new life to PowerPoints and taking advantage of all of the opportunities that lay beyond the play button. Thanks again to our hosts in Austin ISD and Gus Garcia Middle School! Don’t forget: the STAR challenge is on the table and December 31st is sneaking up on us!

As promised, here are the materials from Saturday:

Beyond the Stream

Digital Storytelling (PC)

Digital Storytelling (Mac)

Region 1 Day of Discovery (Edinburg TX)


We had the perfect recipe for fun on Saturday for the Region 1 Day of Discovery including a full room, paper cow patties, ideas…ideas…and more ideas, playdough, and a crew keeping an eye on the TX/KS game for us! Seriously, it doesn’t get much better than this. On behalf of Linda, Brad and myself, we wanted to thank you for joining us! Your ideas, comments, and energy made for a wonderful Saturday. Thanks again to Maria Elena Ovalle and team for all that you did to make our time together a success. I’ve attached the files for you to download below. I will be adding Brad and Linda’s presentations shortly. Happy streaming!!

The Builders, Brick by Brick

Becoming a STAR Discovery Educator

Movie Maker Instructions

Photo Story 3 Instructions

Don’t forget…there are many more resources in professional development and in the Discovery Educator Network!

kingcrabfinal1.jpgWe’re TWO WEEKS away from the close of the fall DENliest Catch fishing season and here’s the scoop.  Our boat, “Center of Attention,” is rocking and rolling with a whopping 100 new STARs in the central region!  This is WONDERFUL!  We’re on our way, but there is some VERY close competition that we are up against.  Bottom line, if you’ve got lines in the water, reel them in!  We’re looking forward to welcoming your new STARs on board!  If you’ve already recruited your STAR, be sure to report your catch today!  We don’t want you to miss out on your prize and the chance to be a part of the winning boat!

In case you were wondering about the “KING/QUEEN CRAB” competition, we’ve got a few front runners, but there is still time earn your crown!  Here are the STARs who are in the lead (in no particular order):

Kim Haresnape, TX
Erin Misegadis, KS
Alicia Eslinger, ND

Here You Go Region 4

It was great meeting you this morning! As promised, here are the handouts and files for the items that I shared with you. You will also find much more by logging into DE streaming and visiting “Professional Development” at the top of the page.

Movie Maker Instructions

Photo Story 3 Instructions

iMovie Instructions

Adobe Premier Elements Instructions

Digital Storyteling, Frame by Frame PPT

50 Ways PPT

OKCPS Is Off and Running!


Okay…OKCPS knows how to have a good time!  There are a number of highlights from last Friday’s Day of Discovery that come to mind, but the clear winners are: 1. OKCPS does the best “DEN Finger” in all of the Central US, 2. Friday’s group was WAY too much fun, and 3. SONIC Blue Coconut Creme Slushes rock!  Thanks to Shelley and Kathleen for inviting us in and allowing us to share our ideas!

Thank You Wichita!

dsc05426.JPGCurtis Middle School was hopping on Saturday!  50 educators representing a number of schools and specialties showed up bright and early…ready to roll.  Our group of “pioneers” made a courageous journey into unfamiliar territory, dodging “cow patties” and having a lot of fun along the way.  We shared ideas about how to make sure our students are benefitting from great resources like digital stories, multimedia presentations, the builders and many more!  A huge thanks to Edie Howk, Denise Van Horn, Dean Mantz and Erin Misegadis for your WONDERFUL presentations, and also to Jim Clark for all of the work that you did behind the scenes!  Also, thanks to all of the educators for all of your ideas and questions!  As promised, here are the presentations that we shared with you this weekend.  You will also find these files and more on the USD 259 technology site: http://technology.usd259.org/resources/unitedstreaming/index.htm.  Please feel free to dwonload any/all of these ideas, and be sure to leave us a comment while you are here.  Thanks!

 50 Ways to Integrate streaming

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