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February 24, 2013

Self-confessed Blogging Lurker

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O.K. I am coming clean. I am a blogging lurker. I love to read blogs to see what others are posting, thinking, and sharing. I reflect on these entires and I know what I read influences my professional practice. I use what I read to add technology tools and creative applications to my toolbox. I pass along great sites, new web applications, and even the ideas of others to my teachers. But that is where I stop. I rarely comment on others’ blogs and even more rarely post my own thinking where others can access it. So I am challenging myself right here where it can be read, maybe talked about, or best of all begin a challenge for others like me. Starting today I going to require myself to comment on someone else’s blog at least twice a week. Not a hefty start but something I know I will do now that I have made it public.

Recently I listened to the archive of Sue Waters on ETMOOC. Sue is the support manager for edubloggers. She said reading and commenting is as important in blogging as the writing part. I get the reading part, now I am going to jump on board with the commenting part. And I challenge you to join me! Come on, all you Discovery Ed blog lurkers, start commenting!!!

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