Sep 14

Kidpix Nametag

 An easy technology project to start the school year (either in the classroom or the computer lab) is to make nametags using Kidpix or a similar drawing program.  It is a simple and useful project that reviews several basic skills such as drawing and text formating. Steps for the project are:1. Draw a box frame that fills half of the screen.2. Use the paint bucket tool to fill the inside of the frame.3. Create a text box.  Make the font size large (48 or 72) and center it. Type first and last name.4. Use stamps, stickers, or other clip art to decorate the nametag.I usually make a template for the younger students that has the frame drawn and the words FIRST  and LAST already on the nametag.  Then all they have to do is delete the words and type their own name.  It saves time and confusion, especially since new students may not be familiar with the software you are using.  Older students are capable of doing all the steps on their own.I also add the student’s computer number and class to the bottom of the nametag and then laminate the nametag.  Students hang the nametags on small plastic hooks on the top of the computers.  The nametags not only help me learn student names, but I also use them when students want to come in at recess to finish a project.  They simply hand me the nametag as they leave class and I have all the information I need to schedule them to come in.The students look forward to designing a new nametag each year that reflects their interests and personality!

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  1. Raenette Says:

    What a great idea! I’m definitely going to try it! Thanks for sharing this.

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