Sep 27

Here’s one more project that we did in our National Park Project.


I took pictures of each student against a blue background.

Then each student opened a picture of their national park on a Keynote slide. They wrote the name of their park and their message on top of the image in text boxes.

Then they dropped their image on top. Keynote has this amazing feature called “Instant Alpha.” With a few clicks of the magic wand on the picture, the blue background disappears! TADA – it looks like the student is posing in front of a scene of a national park!

I want to try this again, using some of the images in Discovery Streaming. It is such an easy way to combine images!img_0026.jpg

6 Responses to “National Park Postcards”

  1. Robin Martin Says:

    Love that -I am doing Keynote Destinations Unlimited project. So I am going to try it next week! Thanks for the idea Karen!

  2. jepcke Says:

    Wow Karen. This is a great idea. I never knew you could do that with Keynote. Have you tried the ‘green screen’ effect in Photo Booth? (Leopard OS). I have used it to have kids standing in a baseball stadium for beginning of the year all about me trading cards. Love the curriculum connection too. I can see using this idea in numerous ways.

    Thanks for sharing it!

  3. Karen Bosch Says:

    Thanks – hope the idea helps you in some of your projects!
    Robin – your keynote project sounds interesting. I hope that you’ll share it when done.
    jepcke – yes, I’ve tried the green screen in Photo Booth – it is so easy! Alas, I only have Leopard on my laptop, not on the student machines, else I would be using that more often. Making the baseball trading cards for the start of the year is a great idea!

  4. Robin Martin Says:

    Yes we will share! I am going to try the alpha today! Cross your fingers!

  5. Robin Martin Says:

    This instant alpha is so much fun!! The teacher I am working with is really getting into it. SHe has kids swimming, jumping and other poses. I’ll put the best on a page and send the link later.

  6. Sarah Walker Says:

    This is so inspiring! I always wondered how to put pictures in without having to “carve” around each student!! I am going to try this – the fun part is choosing 1 of hundreds ideas I already have!

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