Sep 27

The second graders have been learning about oceans in class. In computer lab they made pictures using a coloring template that is found in Kidpix. They used the paint bucket to color the background of the picture and used the paint brush to add sand and coral to the ocean floor. Finally they added stickers and stamps of fish and other ocean creatures.

After students printed their pictures, I took a quick digital photo of the printout. I used to go to each computer in the lab to export a jpg of each picture, but that takes FOREVER to do. If I am careful with the settings on my camera and have good light I find I can get a fairly good shot of their printout. Then the images can be easily added into Animoto and in no time at all it is magically created into a video. This is the fastest way I know to publish student pictures to the web. You could do this with almost any picture that students make in class.

3 Responses to “Ocean Reefs – KidPix and Animoto”

  1. Melinda Tilley Says:

    Karen – I love this! Animoto is one of my favorite tools and I show it at all of my workshops – the problem is that I work primarily with greade 3-12. This is such a great idea to share with my K-2 teachers! Great Job!!!

  2. ldaughrity Says:

    KidPix is wonderful! Your kids did a beautiful job on their projects!

  3. Lori Says:

    Enjoyed the slide show! It’s great to be able to view my child’s work and see what the other children are doing. Thanks for taking the time to post them.

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