Nov 24

I recently ran a 3 week after school class where  2nd and 3rd students created a book using Kidpix.  Each child wrote and illustrated a 5 page story, and most created a title page, end page, and an “about the author” page.  The pages were printed out and then I bound the stories into hard covers.  I used book covers from Lintor Publishing as an easy way to bind the books into a professional looking hard cover.  If you buy the covers in bulk, they cost around 6 dollars each.  I’ve found many parents are willing to pay to have their child’s project bound into a hard cover  because it makes a great keepsake.  (Silly me, I forgot to take a picture showing the covers!)


The system to bind the books is quite clever and simple.  Here are the steps:

First you staple the book pages between the 2 binding pages.  These pages have a kind of contact paper which is facing to the outside.


Here’s what the pages look like after they are stapled:


Peel off the contact paper on the back side:


Press it down onto the back cover:


Remove the contact paper from the front side.  Press the front cover down.  Then open up the book, and bend the cover gently.  The contact paper binds the cover to the stapled pages.  (The white page below is the contact page pressed to the cover.)


The students are always thrilled to have a “real” book which they created.  It is fun to watch them reading the stories to their friends and showing them off.

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