Mar 29

History Remixed is an assignment where middle school students will be taking a historical event and remixing media to create an eyewitness video report of the event.  They will be combining clips from Discovery Streaming and still images with audio that they will record on GarageBand.  They also will be using a green screen video to record themselves in a scene from history.

Students: Here is a list of copyright friendly historical images that can be used in the project.  Be sure to bookmark each image before you download it so that you can site the source at the end of your video.

New York Public Library Picture Collection – many historical pictures here, older version

New York Public Library Digital Galleries – updated website

American Memory Collection 

Library of Congress (may be similar to American Memory)

Wikimedia Commons (check copyright before using)

National Archives Digital Vault

Life Images Search

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence

Library of Congress Images at Flickr

Kathy Schrock – Primary Source Listing – more helpful links here

2 Responses to “History Remixed – Primary Sources”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Do you have end results of these posted somewhere? It sounds like a great project. I’d like to try something similar with my classes next year.

  2. Karen Bosch Says:

    No, I don’t. I don’t think copyright on the video clips allows me to post. I need to double check that is the case. Some of them turned out amazing, so I’d love to show them off!

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