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Here are some neat interactive websites that will allow your students to create pictures that simulate the works of famous artists.  These activities would work nicely on an interactive whiteboard to demonstrate characteristics of these artists or could be done by students on a classroom or lab computer.  In most cases students can print out their creations (or they could be emailed to the teacher for printing).  In an art classroom, computers can be set up so that students can do these “virtual art projects” when their regular art projects are completed.

Mr. PicassoHead – create an abstract face with this online tool

Pointillism Practice Page
– paint with dots like Seurat

Matisse for Kids – from the Baltimore Museum of Art, click on the “Matisse for Kids” link on right under Related Links

Keith Haring Coloring Book – create colorful paintings using Haring’s familiar characters

Jackson Pollack – paint with drips and splots

Jungle – awesome tool to create a painting like Rousseau

Surreal Painter – make a surrealistic painting similar to Dali and Picasso

Still Life – create a lovely still life picture in the style of the old masters

These activities and more are linked on my Learning Links website.

10 Responses to “Eight Great Interactive Sites that let you Paint like a Famous Artist”

  1. Nathan Guteras Says:

    Thanks for sharing these resources. My students already enjoy the Pollack Jungle sites. I have not tried the still life ones yet. Nathan Guteras

  2. Tricia Fuglestad Says:

    Thanks-great resources!

  3. popurls.com // popular today Says:

    popurls.com // popular today…

    story has entered the popular today section on popurls.com…

  4. Suzanne.Fibelstad Says:

    SmartBoard applications are terrific.. and if for the entire class, the lab…my Memorial Middle School students love the NGA site particularly!! Thanks for the info!!

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  6. Langwitches » links for 2009-04-07 Says:

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  7. Brian Says:

    Wow! What a great blog and post! I’m sitting here going, “oh! wow! neat! cool!”

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    […] finding a gold mine of resources, and Karen at “Great Tech-spectations!” has recently posted some very useful (if not just plain fun to destress playing at) for integrating technology into art […]

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    […] Eight Great Interactive Sites that let you Paint like a Famous Artist – a great post I found on Karen Bosch’s “Great Tech-spectations!” blog. Thanks, Karen! […]

  10. Bronwen Eady Says:

    I adore using interactive art sites like these to expose kids to different art styles – they love it and learn so much from it! Thanks for putting this list together, I can’t wait to try the ones I haven’t used yet!

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