May 31

This week our third graders did a scavenger hunt for simple machines. We divided each class into 6 groups,  gave each group a digital camera, and set out across the school looking for simple machines. Students took turns snapping pictures of each simple machine they discovered.

I used a new site called Stupeflix to generate this movie using some of the best pictures. This site is similar to Animoto. (My teacher account at Animoto keeps downgrading, so I couldn’t use it for this project because I had many photos to upload.)  At Stupeflix there is no limit to how many images that you upload or the length of the movie that you can  generate. It is easy to add text and music files, however they have no music choices at the site. I thought it was fairly fast to upload the images and generate the movies.   I was able to easily remix the movie to tweak some things that I didn’t like. You may download the finished movie.  It offers you ways to link to Twitter or Facebook, but I couldn’t find a way to use an embed code.  I ended uploading the video to Schooltube and getting an embed code from there.  Here is the video:

One Response to “Simple Machine Scavenger Hunt – Video using Stupeflix”

  1. Lisa Says:

    LOVED this idea, going to borrow it for my third grade simple machines project

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