Mar 11

Here are my notes from Leslie Fisher’s session at MACUL.  Leslie is always one of my favorite presenters – lots of fun and lots of new stuff for the geekiest of geeks!

Handouts here: /goodies to get a widget to add to your website. Can set width, height, color, and then embed the code.

Use TweetDeck columns to search for a certain topic.

Google Calendar -embed your calendar on your webpage, can customize which events it shows to the public.

Google Maps – can create your own map, can collaborate with others on the map.

Google Web Forms – can embed into a website.  Yes, this I have used this feature a lot with my students!

Evernote – Yes, love this! Use it all the time. Great way to collect recipes from the web. Also use it with my phone to take pictures while shopping.  I didn’t know until today that it would try to do text recognition.  Neat!

Etherpad – hmm, only  16 people allowed at a time in the free version.  I couldn’t get into her example. That’s new, I think.  Good to know if you want to use with a class, you couldn’t get entire class in at one time.  (An alternative is – thanks @yoopertechgeek on twitter.

Google Wave – a wave of information, a document that people can join.  I haven’t quite figured out this app, yet.

Use Google Sites to create a webpage. Can set up areas to be collaborative.

Google Voice – a phone number that connects to your  home and cell number, can create groups, customize. – $12 for 10 minutes worth of talk time.  Uses with Remember the Milk.

Ustream TV –  use to stream classes, activities using webcam or phone.  Can add a poll to the stream.  #”roomname” to open the chat so you don’t have to log in to chat.  iPhone app only works over wifi.

Smugmug – photos, gives free account to nonprofits.  Can use as a fundraiser.

Audioboo – record with your iPhone.  I’ve used this with my fifth grade class.  I ask students to reflect on what they have learned at the end of the lesson.

Tripit –  place to put all your confirmations for your trips, puts together your itinerary.  Can network with other people via the app, also supports iCal info.

Yelp –  food reviews and more

I’m familiar with most of these, but she shared some new ways to use them.  Thanks, Leslie!

One Response to “MACUL 1O – The Web2.0 You Might Not Know About – Leslie Fisher”

  1. Brian Wesche Says:

    Thanks for sharing these conference notes. I wanted to attend this session. Leslie is such a great presenter. However, I ended up at the “Third Graders Can Use Technology” session. I am a third grade teacher in Portland, Michigan. Thanks again for sharing these notes and the other ones as well.


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