Mar 11

Here are my notes from Vicki Davis’s session on Differentiated Instruction from this afternoon.  I have followed her blog and twitter for several years, and it was such a treat to actually be in a session with her in person.

Suggests you leave a conference with Top Three Things to Do (just 3) and start them that weekend.

Choose the Web 2.0 tools that help you to do what you want to do, not just because it is trendy.

The only thing you have complete control over in your school is YOU – you have a choice on your attitude.

Vicki uses old equipment, has to raise money for everything she does.

Successful technology integration is people centered.

Professional development needs to be in little bites.

Invest in others who will teach and stimulate others to learn.

Teaches a tool once, then gives the students choices to use that tool.

Car analogy for the classroom:

  • Doesn’t run a social network, runs an educational network!
  • Learn to not use IM, especially if you are networking with a global school with English as a second language.
  • Uses Ning with kids 13 and older. Starts private, then public. No pre-moderation, need to be trusted online citizens by graduation.
  • Uses students to help build the Ning each year.
  • by 9th grade, on their school supply list is a google account and email that parents must set up for the students.
  • students subscribe to her calendar, they have their own igoogle page.
  • have lists to websites they are using, must subscribe to wiki history for all their project.
  • They are required to know how to record audio and video.  She spells out at what grade they are required to know how to do this.
  • At age 13 you should be able to take down the wall and be ready to collaborate.
  • Audience improves student learning more than work that ends up in the waste basket.
  • OpenSim –   – Digiteen Island
  • requires students to turn work in on the wiki – that is h

Skills kids should know:

  • hyperlink
  • how to embed  (toondo or classtools to embed)
  • digital citizenship
  • online behavior has offline consequences
  • automated monitoring

Davis uses a Wheel of Learning for projects – that addresses various learning styles.

Good point – for students, video is all about being funny, but she stresses that it must meet her criteria, she doesn’t grade on “funny”

Only lets them use cellphones for assignments, put phones in box during tests.

Uses Invention projects where they have to invent a new way to do something.

Have a “Hall of Fame” for the very best projects, “extra credit” for kids that finish easy.  Only teaches the “cool stuff” once, and then this person teaches everyone else.

Give students the rubric when you give them the assignment.

When learning facts, they have each kid make games at for 10 words, they play each other’s games.

Students need a home base – uses a wiki as their home base.


One Response to “MACUL10 – Differentiated Instruction with Vicki Davis”

  1. Vicki Davis Says:

    Thank you so much for coming and sharing your take-aways – it actually helps me to see what others take away from the sessions as often I think “is anyone interested in this” – seems old hat to me, but we all like to wear each other’s hats, I guess and learn from each other.

    Thank you again for coming and taking such great notes! Will be posting the preso tomorrow.

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