Mar 12

My notes from the session by Ron Brandsen from Holland Christian School.

I was excited to see that this session was being offered at MACUL this year.   I’ve always been interested in ways to combine faith with technology. This something I have tried to do when I was teaching in the computer lab, so I am always interested  in discovering new new ideas of things that teachers are doing.

What is fundamental to religious education?

  • reading the text – although he prefers students to use an actual Bible, he is starting to allow students to use online Bibles, including Bible Gateway (my fav!!), Youversion (neat, it let’s you listen to scripture, also has a social networking feature where people can comment on different verses), and Textweek. Has students look at pieces of art that reflect on a Bible story, students post links to the work on a forum and talk about what they liked about the artwork.  Uses to show locations of stories.  Uses movie clips to discuss different topics ( – subscription, and Wingclips – free! )  Showing for images of locations in the Bible. includes Greek and Hebrew words. Also has resources, powerpoint backgrounds.
  • reflecting on the text – Uses google forms to get students to reflect on Evidence for God Brainstorm.  Has kids fill in 3 ideas as they brainstorm. (Like this idea – get to hear more students’s voices, beyond an oral discussion).  Then asks kids to find 10 resources online with 10 evidences.  Uses moodle database for students to post their evidences link and to summarize and rank each one.   Uses journaling (in moodle) online to gather information, feedback, prayer requests, from students and then can respond back to students in private.  (Really neat way to interact with students!)  Has students submit questions to ask missionaries and then Skyped the missionary.  Using the Q and A forums in moodle (great student interaction.)
  • responding to the text – Seniors create their own Faith stories, they may use whatever means they wish to create their stories.  Freshmen study prophets and create public service announcements to deliver in one minute the message of an assigned prophet.
  • representing our faith  – how can our students safely represent their faith online.

Ron’s link:

Thanks, Ron, got some great ideas from your session!

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