Mar 12

I’ve been hearing lots of tweets about the excellent sessions that Rushton Hurley has been doing.  Here is a link to his resources:

And his nonprofit:

Showing Lost Generation video.

Showing:  Airport video of troops arriving home.

Kids are fascinated by video.  Showing a video only of his students made to show a nines math trick.

Categories of videos at

Light Bulbs: ideas

Global Views: different views of the world

Seeing Service:

The videos he posts must be 5 minutes or less, copyright friendly, ok for audience of young students, factually accurate and cited appropriately, for a student audience.   Explaining that Royalty Free means you don’t have to site it, Creative Commons you usually have to cite.

Simple Video:

Showing Audacity, pulled in a clip of music, adding a news welcome with your voice.  Demonstrating how to move the voice and then use the envelop tool to lower the music under the voice.  Can also do this on Garageband. (my note: Garageband does this same trick very easily, has automatic ducking under the voice.)

Showing Moviemaker.  Very clever example using flickr images to illustrate song lyrics. Note: students need to export the project file into a file that can be shared.  It is easy to teach students how to do this.  Images are powerful! You can also use a cam like a flipcam to get video, but that adds an extra step, which sometimes can be a hassle.

Equipment – free software that came on computer such as iMovie and MovieMaker, Photostory, GarageBand and Audacity.  Flip video camera,  microphone.

Planning is key:

  • Set time limits on how long the video should be
  • Rule – no violence or martial arts
  • podcasts and slideshows – he has a handout on common mistakes for video projects. (need to check this out)
  • alone or with others
  • give non-video projects with 4 weeks to do, but give them the option to turn in a poster.  (No body turns in a poster!)

Links to copyright-friendly media:

Students love to celebrate each other’s work!

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