Mar 12

Notes from the iLife session on “Engaging Students in the Curriculum With Technology” from Gabriella Meyers and Cheryl Boes, Utica Community School, Apple Distinguished Educators.

They began by showing an outstanding video from Jeff Hall on “Create a New World.”  I’ll try to find a link and add it later.  Excellent!

Meyers says you can present standards and rubrics that let students choose the tool that they use to create their message.  However students must first be familiar with the tools.

iPhoto09 – document images of what is going on in the classroom.  Use the “Places” feature to stamp where the photo was taken.  An iPhone will do this automatically or you can stamp the pictures in iPhoto.  Great to use with “Flat Stanley” projects.  Boes is using this with the “Walk our World” project.

Use the slideshow themes to automatically create a slideshow with a folder of photos. Instant!

Photo Books –  using Lintor Publishing it is easy to create your own books. Create the book in iPhoto and print, and then make your own book.  My note:  this company is great!!!! I have used them for creating student books.

iMovie09 – has made it easy for kids to do simple things.  They use the webcam to record themselves to practice a speech or to create a finished product.

Math Boot Camp – spring musical centered around math concepts.  Very clever!  Showing skit talking about strategies to solve word problems.

Cherokee Trail of Tears – example of a student project.

March is Reading Month – students created a song about reading, included a special needs child who normally didn’t complete work.  Another idea: students create a song on math properties.

The new version of iMovie has great new features including the dynamic themes.  (Agreed!) An advanced feature is that you can create your own themes.

Animated Travel Maps – easy way to create a map as part of a movie. Idea: use to track the travels of a Flat Stanley.

iMovie has a variety of ways that you can export your videos so students can have them.

iTunes8 – a way that a teacher can organize all your media resources. Idea: use a clip of music as a transition time signal that to move from one subject or task to another.  Use different playlists to anchor different activities, to energize, or to calm.  (Great idea!!)

iTunes has lots of free podcasts that you can download.  iTunesU has great content!

Thanks, this was a great session!  iLife is the best and I picked up several new tips and tricks!

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