Mar 12

Here are my notes from the Friday morning session with Steve Dembo.  I am looking forward to an entertaining and insightful presentation.

(Idea: Powerpoint Kareoke, give students five slides, give them 30 minutes to put together a presentation.)

Steve says his preschool son already has a permanent record, including pictures on Flickr.

There is a shift. Parents today are posting photos of their kids all the time.  They don’t care if your school has a policy about name and images not being together.

Facebook asks their age, under 14 have higher security.  Kids lie about their age, bypass the security.

College Confidential website – hints on getting into a college, but admission officers also use this to check out candidates.

New Facebook settings make much more information more public.

Google is starting to set up live search for Facebook and Twitter posts.

Marc Prensky – if we want to reach digital natives, we need to change.  Characteristics: extremely social, risk takers, nonlinear, instant gratification,  etc.

Website:  will check for all the sites you are registered at.

Friendfeed allows you to create one feed that everything feeds into.  Ping.  Hellotxt.  – can choose what places you want to send your posts to, includes phone text. – lets you go to all your sites at once to change your profile.

Invest more time up front, and so you don’t have to more time later.

What can you learn in 30 minutes from Google Reader, Delicious, Twitter, Facebook?  Steve shows all the things that he was able to learn.  Steve calls all the people he learns from “his team.”

Where does social media fit into education?  Dembo notes that many schools don’t follow into any of their followers on Twitter – they miss out connecting with their audience.  Doesn’t engage the parents.  Need to respond back to the people.   “Ambient Intimacy” helps people feel connected.

“If you don’t organize it, they will.”  – parents form Facebook groups.

Social media resumes – take control of your presence online.  You have to see what you are “doing” not a static page.  This is what classrooms should be doing.  Be sure that people can find something good.

funny “Flutter” video

Dembo’s predictions for the future – 3 trends:

  • live broadcasting: (ustream, livestream) can replace school broadcasting, free and robust, can cut to video from live.  Can use live cell phone video and cut to it.
  • Geo-Applications: brings all posts, aggregates into one site. Foursquare – posts where you are into a gaming format.
  • augmented reality: have a code in your wecam that will create a 3D object.  Put a card before a camera, develops an interactive.  imaginality has cards that you print.  Heart, planets. They interact with each other.  WOW!  This is number one on my things to look at further!

Showing how people use people to tell when the laundry is done, when the plant needs watering, cats GusandPenny, Kickbee – baby kicking in stomach.

Google Lit Trips – so you can interact.

Take your own personal experience and mix it with the technology to make it your own.

Best way to predict the 21st century is to invent it!

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