Sep 24

Here’s a little more about the National Parks Project that our 6th graders have been working on. Students had to research a National Park, then create a wiki page with content, copyright free images, and links.

National Parks Wiki

I wanted students to have some other creative options of things to do when they finished their wiki using what they had learned. One choice was to make a comic page about their National Park using Comic Life. Here are some examples:

National Park Comics

National Park Comics

Sep 21

deck3936797.jpgdeck23019051.jpg Recently my sixth grade students have been working on a research project about our National Parks. One of their project choices was making a National Park trading card based on their research using this site:

I had a few directions written down for the students and they had no problems doing this without much assistance. After they created the card, they dragged it to their desktop. Then they doubleclicked on the image to open it full size and were able to print the card full size without all the other text on the website page. (We are on Macs, so I’m not sure how this will work on a PC, sorry.)

I also discovered if your Mac is running Leopard, that there is a print option that allows you to print 4 smaller copies on one page, so that they are in trading card size. At least this works with my printer settings – you’ll have to explore and see if you can find a similar option that works on your machines.


The students loved making these cards. It is the kind of project that could be adapted to almost any subject. You could even have the students do these at home as a homework assignment as a fun way to publish a paragraph or report!

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