Aug 31

Although we had introduced our teachers to Discovery Streaming in the spring, most teachers in our school had not gone beyond setting up their account. To help teachers get a start with finding and downloading content that they could use for the school year, we held a “Downloading Day” at school today. After a quick refresher on how to search and download clips, we spent several hours exploring the treasures in Discovery Streaming. While we worked, we nibbled on homemade cinnamon rolls and cookies. Our teachers were amazed at all the things they were able to find. Our kindergarten teacher found videos specifically for the first day of school. Another teacher was able to get a start on finding great resources for a new unit on global warming that she is planning this year.  We even were able to download a video to someone’s new iPod touch!Our teachers left excited about the great things they had found and encouraged to discover that they could actually do this!



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