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Fear of technology has held me back. I fight this fear every time I need to learn something new in technology. Den has helped me chip away at this. I may be going slower, but I am and will get there. FIGHT THE FEAR.  THIS IS MY FIRST BLOG.

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  1.   Kathleen Kelly on September 30, 2014 5:08 pm

    Had a full day workshop with Stacy Clinton from DE. Stacy presented several strategies as well as a thorough look at the DE website. I learned about using the transcript feature, searching down the topic you are looking for, if there is a teacher’s manual, and how to use the my content section to make files. So much to learn so little time. DE is a great tool for teachers and students. Thanks Stacy!!!

  2.   Kathleen Kelly on September 30, 2014 5:13 pm

    Looking forward to our next rehearsal for the “Agent of Change” song for Denvoicesconnect. The students were incredibly receptive and truly enjoyed the singing. They are excited about skyping with another class and that we will be taping them sing the song.Another great thing is that the project is international. They are “Rock Stars”. Looking forward to this great undertaking. SING ON EVERYONE!

  3.   Kathleen Kelly on November 7, 2014 9:47 pm

    Had the opportunity to teach my co-workers about BoardBuilder. Many thought it would be harder than it was. The teachers were given time to build a board and ask questions in the hands-on session. A few created board to use as a learning center in their classroom. We also investigated some student boards and their was nice positive feedback on the elements to each board. The teacher feedback for each student was a positive thing noted. In November I will go district-wide and share BoardBuilder with over 30 teachers divided into two sessions. I can’t believe I am the one presenting. Don’t honestly know if I would be doing this if it weren’t for DEN2014. How lucky was I to attend such an event that would impact me so much!!!

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