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Kristin Aquilino

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The ending of Fantastic Mr. Fox really surprised me!   Did it surprise you?  Why?  

Let me know what you thought about it!

Chapter 11-14 Just For Fun Quiz

Chapter 15-18 Just For Fun Quiz

Kristin Aquilino

Think about it… 

Why do we want Mr. Fox to outfox the farmers? 

Isn’t it wrong that Mr. Fox has been stealing from them? 

 Why might it be OK for Mr. Fox to take their chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys? 

At the end of chapter 10, Mr. Fox wants to make “a few other little arrangements”.  What do you think he is planning?

Just For Fun: Online Quiz

Kristin Aquilino

After reading chapters 1-3, answer the following questions: 

How has Mr. Fox been outfoxing all three farmers and stealing their animals?  Who do you think is smarter, the farmers or Mr. Fox?  Did the farmers outfox Mr. Fox in chapter 3? 

I wonder who is going to be “outfoxed” in the end!

Just For Fun:  Online Quiz

Kristin Aquilino

After hearing Mrs. Driver read the blurb, what are you thinking?  Can you make a guess why Mr. Fox is called fantastic?  What does it mean to “outfox” someone?

Have chapter 3 completed by Friday night for the next blogging activity on Saturday. 

Kristin Aquilino

Before  I tell you what our 1st book club book is, I will give you a hint.

The book I chose for us to read was written by Roald Dahl.  Your first assignment is to research this author and tell me if you have read any other books by him.   If you have not read any,  a few might sound familiar.  Here is a link to help you answer this question:

 Roald Dahl