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Kristin Aquilino

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This blog topic is for us to talk about what we are doing on our winter vacation! 

Very Important- When you post, let us know what you already did, not what you are going to do.  In other words, let us know about your exciting adventures AFTER they have happened. Thank You!!  Happy Holidays, Happy New Year &  

Happy Blogging!


Kristin Aquilino

Do you think that Charlie got what he deserved when he was stung by the yellow jackets?  What other story did this remind you of? 

Why is Pa so happy that he was able to use the threshing machine?  How did this machine help him? 

Why is Laura happy that Pa didn’t shoot the deer?  What does this tell us about her?

Chapter 11 Vocabulary

Chapter 12 Voabulary

Chapter 13 Vocabulary

Kristin Aquilino

Why are Laura and Mary so excited about going to town? 

How could Laura have responded to Mary other than slapping her? 

How does life for the Ingalls change in the summertime?

Chapter 9 Vocabulary

Chapter 10 Vocabulary

Kristin Aquilino

What is “sugar snow” and what does this mean for Grandpa? 

Why does Laura love Grandma’s house? 

How does Laura feel about Uncle George. 

How do the guests feel at Grandpa’s dance?  Can you remember a time when you had lots of fun somewhere?

Chapter 7 Vocabulary

Chapter 8 Vocabulary

Kristin Aquilino


Why can’t Pa take his gun to town to trade his furs and how does Ma feel about this? 

How is Ma’s experience with the bear different than Pa’s?  Who do you think showed more courage- Ma or Pa?

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Kristin Aquilino


How are Sundays different from other days of the week for Mary and Laura? 

Why does Pa tell Laura and Mary the story of “The Story of Grandpa’s Sled and the Pig”?

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Kristin Aquilino


Think of a gift that you have received that meant as much to you as the rag doll did to Laura.  Why was it so special? 

If you received mittens and candy as a gift, would you be as happy as the children in book?  Why or why not?

Kristin Aquilino

Why do you think Pa takes such care of his gun?  

  Why do you think the girls love to hear the story “The Story of Pa and the Voice in the Woods”? 

Do you think Grandpa was too harsh on his 9 year-old son for coming home late?

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Kristin Aquilino

What chores do Mary and Laura perform every day?  Why do you think Laura likes churning and baking days best of all? 

Is there anything about Laura and Mary’s life that you are jealous of?   

Do you think your life is better than theirs?  Why?

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Kristin Aquilino

This is a picture of Carrie, Laura and Mary Ingalls

Laura’s life is clearly very different from our life today! 

What preparations does the family make for the coming winter and why are these preparations necessary?

  Also, why do you think Laura and Mary have so much fun playing with a pig’s bladder and snacking on a barbecued pig’s tail?  Do you think children today would enjoy these as much?

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