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Kristin Aquilino

What is “sugar snow” and what does this mean for Grandpa? 


Why does Laura love Grandma’s house? 


How does Laura feel about Uncle George. 


How do the guests feel at Grandpa’s dance?  Can you remember a time when you had lots of fun somewhere?


Chapter 7 Vocabulary


Chapter 8 Vocabulary

Kristin Aquilino

Why can’t Pa take his gun to town to trade his furs and how does Ma feel about this? 


How is Ma’s experience with the bear different than Pa’s? 

Who do you think showed more courage- Ma or Pa?


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Kristin Aquilino

How are Sundays different from other days of the week for Mary and Laura? 


Why does Pa tell Laura and Mary the story of “The Story of Grandpa’s Sled and the Pig”?


Do you have a day during the week that is more special or different from other days?


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