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Kristin Aquilino

Were you surprised by the ending of the story?  It was a mirale that Barry was reunited with his family!

Barry’s family now lives in NYC.  Do you think that he will ever go back to live in New Orleans?  Would you if you were in his shoes?


Also, don’t forget that there are 2 other books in this series…I Survived the Sinking of the Titanic and I Survived the Shark Attacks of 1916.



Kristin Aquilino

Do you think that Barry’s father made the right decision by going back home?  Should they have tried to leave the city?


Why do you think Barry’s grandfather left an ax in the attic?  What do you think it is for?

Kristin Aquilino

Chapter 1 was filled with a lot of action!  How did it make you feel?  Were you nervous as you read?


After we read chapter 1, we are taken back 21 hours in chapter 2.  The family is planning on leaving New Orleans.  Do yout hink they ever make it out?  Make a prediction on what you think might happen.