Kristin Aquilino

The first day Dexter is at his new school, he punches a kid in the bathroom and hates pretty much everything about his new school.


Why do you think Dexter punched Robin?  How would you act if you were a new kid at a new school?


When Ms. Abbott was talking to Robin on the playground, Robin lied to Ms. Abbott and said the fight never happened. 


Why do you think Robin lied?  Would you have told the teacher if you were Robin?


Remember, there are no right or wrong answers!  I can’t wait to read your opinions!

7 Responses to “Dexter Chapters 1-8”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    I’m done with chapter seven and I have one more to go! I wonder if Dexter was kidding about that his leg diddn’t hurt. I’m guesing he was faking.

  2. Liam Says:

    I think Robin lied because he’s Dexter’s friend.

  3. Jenna Says:

    I think Dexter punched Robin because he was mad and sad that he had to go to a new school. If I was the new kid I would NOT punch any kid.

  4. Mrs. Oliva Says:

    I am impressed with Robin, and the way he treats Dexter as a friend, even after Dexter hurts him.

  5. Hari Says:

    This book makes me keep on wondering what’s going to happen.

  6. Alexa Says:

    Im starting to think Dexter is starting to feel bad for what had happend to him on his first day of school at this school plus he dose’nt even khow the boy.

  7. Alexa Says:

    Why do you think Robbin is feeling?

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