Kristin Aquilino

When Dexter is speaking to his father on the phone, he covers up the story he is writing about beating up Robin. 

Why do you think he did this? 


Robin opens up and tells Dexter why he was crying in the bathroom the day Dexter punched him. 

How does Dexter feel about this? 

Do you think Dexter is jealous that Robin gets to spend so much time with his mom when Dexter’s mom is so far away?

7 Responses to “Dexter Ch.9-13”

  1. Vivienne Says:

    Yes I do think he is a little jealous because his mom is always at the hospital helping dexter’s dad . Dexter is very sad that his parent’s are so far away . He covered up his paper because he thinks his dad will see it through the phone . Oh I read to chapter 19 because I was to into it at okay .

  2. Mrs. Oliva Says:

    I am sure both Dexter and his mother feel badly that they are separated. It must bother Dexter that Robin and his mom are together while he is away from his family.

  3. Armaan Says:

    I agree with Vivienne I think he is jealous of robin

  4. Armaan Says:

    I think he hid the story from his dad because he didn’t want him to know he hit a kid because they would be mad at him for being naughty and mean.

  5. Vivienne Says:

    Hi mrs aquilino I love this story it’s
    the best . I’m sorry that I read to chapter 19 I won’t read any more I don’t want to finsh the book before any body.

  6. Liam Says:

    Can I finish the book,Mrs.Aquilino? I really like it. What’s gonna be the next book?

  7. amanda Says:

    hi Liam Mrs. Aquilino said I can finish the book. So I guss you can to.

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