Kristin Aquilino

Why do you think Robin is trying to get Dexter to like the people that were “mean” to Dexter, such as the janitor and the secretary?


Were they really mean to Dexter?


Why do you think Dexter thought they were being mean to him?

5 Responses to “Dexter Ch. 14-17”

  1. jordan Says:

    i do think dexter is jealous about how robin can spend time with his mom.

  2. jordan Says:

    no. the people weren’t mean to dexter he just thought they were being mean

  3. jordan Says:

    dexter just thought they were because they left him in the hall and he didn’t like the way the princapal talked to him and he slipted and fell on the floor.

  4. Mrs. Aquilino Says:

    Great job Jordan! I agree with you!

  5. Alexa Says:

    i think dexter felt so bad thats why he tryed to help him!

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