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Why do you think Ms. Abbott didn’t let Dexter change the topic of his story?  Why did she make him finish the story about the fight?


The last line of the book is “I don’t feel like hitting anyone anymore.”  What has changed that makes Dexter not so angry anymore?

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  1. Liam Says:

    I like the voki and the book.The end turned out pretty good.

  2. alyssa Says:

    i’m in pond road middle school and i have actually heard of this book…sounds very interesting…mrs.Aquilino i wanted to blog because book club blogging is very fun…so i wanted to keep in touch with you!

    bye, Alyssa

  3. Kristin Aquilino Says:

    Thank Alyssa! The kids this year are really enjoying it! I hope you are liking Pond Road and doing well!
    Keep in touch!
    Mrs. Aquilino

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