Kristin Aquilino

Were you surprised by the ending of the story?  It was a mirale that Barry was reunited with his family!

Barry’s family now lives in NYC.  Do you think that he will ever go back to live in New Orleans?  Would you if you were in his shoes?



6 Responses to “Hurricane Katrina- Ending”

  1. jack w Says:

    No i was not surprised at the ending because… I predicted they woud reunite. No I don’t think he would go back to New Orleans because he could get the same shoes in NYC. If i where Barry i would’t move back to New Orlens because…There could be nails there, and there might be snakes there ,and mabystill today.

  2. Drew Says:

    I think Barry will stay in NY City because if they go back to New Orleans it will be a lot money to repair their house. If I was Barry I would stay in NYC. I would be nervous to go back to New Orleans. And NYC is fun!

  3. josh Says:

    I was not so suprised by the end becuase most stories will end with some sort of happy ending. I think that Barry’s family will move back to New Orleans.

  4. cara Says:

    I was not surprised by the ending because it sounded like they would reunite. I think they will not go back to New Orleans. I would not move back to new orleans because it is very dangours and it would be a lot of money to fix there house.

  5. amanda Says:

    I was not surprised by the ending because most of the time storys end happy. I woulden’t move back to New Orleans because it would be to dangerose for there to be a nother hurricane like katrina was.

  6. amanda Says:

    Also,I finished the book. I really liked it.

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