Kristin Aquilino

After reading chapters 1-3, answer the following questions: 

How has Mr. Fox been outfoxing all three farmers and stealing their animals?  Who do you think is smarter, the farmers or Mr. Fox?  Did the farmers outfox Mr. Fox in chapter 3? 

I wonder who is going to be “outfoxed” in the end!

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6 Responses to “Chapters 1-3”

  1. Anusha Says:

    i think the fox is outfoxing the three farmers by smelling the sent of the farmers and when he smells the sent of the farmers he stays inside his hole. I the fox is smarter than the three farmers because he thought of an idea to escape the farmers when the farmers tried to kill fox.THE farmers sort of outfoxed the fox.

  2. Aubrey Says:

    Mr. Fox has been outfoxing the 3 farmers and stealing their animals by being sneaky and smart. He is being sneaky and smart by only going outside when the wind is blowing in his face so the 3 farmers don’t smell him. I think Mr. Fox and the farmers are equally smart. Yes, the farmers did outfox Mr. Fox by shooting off his tail.

  3. Robert Says:

    Fantastic outfoxed the three farmers by smelling from a mile away and sneaking up quitly. The fox is smarter because Fantastic can smell a mile away.

  4. Isabella Says:

    By smelling them out when he tris to get their food and going back in the hole before the farmers could shoot his whole body.I think is smarter.yes.

  5. evan Says:

    mr fox outfoxed the farmers by going out at night and stealling the animals mr fox is more smarter then the farmers the farmers didn’t outfox mr fox

  6. Kristin Aquilino Says:

    Great job!! I also think Mr. Fox did out-fox them but the farmer’s did get a little revenge. Poor Mr. Fox’s tail!

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