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The ending of Fantastic Mr. Fox really surprised me! Did it surprise you? Why?

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5 Responses to “Chapter 11-18 The End”

  1. Alc Says:

    I knew mr. Fox would not get caught because he was so fantastic. But I was surprised when the animals said they would live underground forever. I liked this story and I think mr. Fox was very smart because he saved his family and never got caught!

  2. bella Says:

    The ending of Fantastic Mr. Fox really suprised me because I did not expect all the animals to build a little town underground. At first I thought that when the foxes were underground getting food, they would get caught by a farmer. I thought the book was really good and that I will keep reading books by Roald Dahl!!!!

  3. KH Says:

    it surprised me that they stayed underground forever and that the farmers didn’t give up!

  4. Isabella Says:

    I was surprised that he found a way to get food and that he would live underground forever.I think this because I did not know he could find his way underground or that he could live underground without having fresh air.

  5. Aubrey Says:

    Yes, the ending did suprise me. I thought the farmers would get the foxes. The book was really exciting. I loved it!

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