April 16th, 2010

We expect so much from our students.  We expect them to read, write, create, analyze, experiment, and reflect.  As educators, we need stop and make sure we are doing all of those things too.  Reading- Do we read for enjoyment?  Do we read for professional growth?  We are trying to create students that will do this for the rest of their lives.  Shouldn’t we be doing it too?  Writing- Most of us read for one reason or another, but what about writing?  We write things like list, notes, email, or facebook status.  We expect our students to write for other purposes.  Writing allows to create, analyze, and reflect.   By becoming writers, teachers can truely epitomize the term life long learner.  Whether it is through keeping a journal or blogging, teachers will naturally relect on experiences.  If blogging is their choice for a writing medium, it has the added bonus of being able to be shared with other educators.  A series of quotes come to my mind here…We are our biggest resource! The smartest person in the room is the room.  Work smarter not harder.


August 31st, 2007

I have been a DEN Star since the beginning of this school year but this is the first time I have been on this site to blog.    I was motivated to blog on this site when I saw the application for the DEN Summer Institute.  I know that sounds as if I am only blogging to as part of my application, but that is not true.  As I was filing out that application, I started to realize the professional opportunities that Discovery Education Network is providing teachers.  I have been reading others blogs, but have not been offering to contribute. I would love to go to the Summer Institute, but even if I am not selected, I still can take part in the blogging that Discovery opens up for teachers to collaborate online.  Personal Learning Communities do not work if individuals do not contribute.

I am an Integration Specialist in Katy ISD.  I work with teachers, students, administrators, and curriculum specialist to help integrate technology into the curriculum.  I could not do my job without collaborating with teachers.  I love my job because of the variety of people I get to work with.  I think I get an insight of the big picture by working with them.  I have primarily worked in an elementary setting with language arts students.

I have presented on Multilieracies, Digital Story Telling, and Web 2.0 Tools.  I would like to collaborate with other teachers that are intested in those topics and others related to language arts.  Discovery Education is like to a home to educators.  It is not only a resouce but a place for people to come together.