First Google teacher in Belgium

This week a lot of TV, Paper and radio interviews. This al about Google Certificate teacher I became last July.So now lots to do as First DEN and First Google CT, but learning and teaching is fun!!!

DEN summer institute

Dear Star Dens.

I got the news from Yesterday. Discovery invited me to come to the summer institute 2010.

It’s amazing, the only non American.

Hope to share many  ideas and to make a lot of new friends.

I hope that I can do some workshops for you all. Seen from my profession as a teacher trainer in New Media and Technology in the classroom.

So hope to see many of you in Boston.


Working for teachers.

On this webpage you can get all information and lessons (Dutch) what I teach.From Geocache to digital boards.Have Fun. 

New Schoolyear

In a few days the new school year will start in Belgium.My agenda for training teachers is made and a lot of training’s are on schedule.A new training I put in is Discovery streaming. Going on a journey with teachers in the wonderful world of Discovery education.I hope that this school year Discovery is coming to Europe and to BETT in 2010.Lessons Discovery StremaingDiscovery LessonsDiscovery lessons

Who is Who?

I’m Lucas Van de paer.Teacher K12 in the Arts and Multimedia for 23 years. Today I’m a teacher trainer for New media and ICT in the classroom for the Belgium board of education. The Flemish part.I’m also a teacher that’s love to work with Science  in the classroom. Doing a lot of fun stuff with the students so they can learn Science in Art and media in a funny way.When kids of all ages have fun in their education, they love to go to school and class. I’m married and have 3 kids, the oldest is a teacher too now. She is teaching Math and Physics. Oh yes I have a dog too, how could I forget that.You can follow me on Facebook (LVANDEPAER), always welcome.My school for 23 years: http://www.kta-demerodelei.beI’m also doing ROW (Rock Our World ) with my dearest friends Carol Anne and Bobby Mcguire.take a look at:  

Hello World! From the Old World Europe

Welcome to my Blog. I wonder if there are many STAR Discovery educators in Europe?Maybe we can share ideas and make this a better place to educate our children.