Silence is Golden for Real!

October 15th, 2013

This week my class is learning about text features (titles, table of contents, captions, diagrams, charts, etc.). This is usually a PAIN to get down because students are not interested and they don’t really want to hear about something they already kind of know about. I tricked them this year though!

I used one of the tricks I learned at the Day of Discovery a couple of weeks ago and showed a snippet of a shark video with the sound OFF. It worked like a charm. I had complete silence and engagement just by saying “I’m going to show you this video with no sound. Tell me what you think the title should be and why?”.
Simple. Quick. Engaged. Holla!

EdCamp Dallas 2013!

October 12th, 2013

DEN Stars Emily Swenson and Rafranz Davis are teaching us the audience all about Discovery Education!
Tech Books are not just for sitting and watching videos!!!
Tech Books are meant to be interactive, not just a sit down watch your teacher talk. Components of the Tech Books feature interactive technology or even JUST hands on ideas that are engaging and appropriate for students!
SOS-Spotlight on Strategies
Search for SOS on and you can get a PLETHORA of strategies.
Online student resource that is similar to Glogster and students can create their own products using their student account!

Hello World!

October 1st, 2013

Yay! I just got started!

I am currently at my first Day of Discovery at Region 10!
I just heard the best thing from the presenter: If you teach kindergarten don’t just stick to K-2 videos. ┬áTurn the volume down and YOU as the expert educator be the sound and use the visuals from the video to teach your lesson. You can be the voice for the visuals! AHA moment!

My goal is to get some of my students to interact with some of these videos!