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May 26

These are my links for May 25th through May 26th: VoiceThread – Group conversations around images, documents, and videos – VoiceThread – Group conversations around images, documents, and videos – ElementaryVoicethreads – Other Voicethreads Created – Search Lesson Plans by Keyword and Subject for Your SMART Board – SMART Exchange – iPhone, iPad and iPod […]

May 25

While creating a CoverItLive session to embed on the Kansas Discovery Education blog, in preparation for the Kansas MACE Conference, I noticed a Twitter message from @yoopertechgeek (Sara Beauchamp-Hicks Michigan State University). She was talking about her explorations of a website that provides you the ability to collect Twitter hashtag posts as well as permitting […]

May 25

We educators are always on the look out for something new and cool that can enhance our way to collaborate with others. Well, thanks to Jennifer Pugsley and Charlie Mahoney of Turning Point Learning Center in Emporia, Kansas I learned about Tokbox. Tokbox is a free, web based video collaboration tool. Yes, free! Another excellent […]

May 25

Differentiated Instruction is defined by Wikipedia as “…providing students with different avenues to acquiring content; to processing, constructing, or making sense of ideas; and to developing teaching products so that all students within a classroom can learn effectively, regardless of differences in ability.” I ask this question of all educators “Is this not what we […]

May 24

These are my links for May 21st through May 24th: Apps for Education « ConnSENSE Bulletin – HOW: Audio and Video Podcasting for Education Made Easy – Voki training videos on by Russell Stannard – VoiceThread as Student led math instruction – Mister Mak’s Learning 2.0 – Mr. Soskil’s Class – 0910 Reading Groups […]

May 20

These are my links for May 18th through May 20th: How Mind Maps make fuller use of your brain?s associative powers « Word Smiths – Resources – Indiana Standards – State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA) – Digital Content – iboard player – iPod, iListen, iRead | Edutopia – VoiceThread – Group conversations around images, […]

May 17

These are my links for May 17th: [GCompris] – | Facebook Privacy Scanner – BigBlueButton-Setup | Google Groups – Five Best Bookmark Management Tools – Bookmark Management – Lifehacker – List of TCP and UDP port numbers – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – How_to_Block_Ports(1).pdf (application/pdf Object) – Fuel the Brain | Elementary Educational Flash […]

May 14

These are my links for May 14th: TechUniversity: Mac Video Tutorials – Pepsi Refresh Project – AutoMotivator: Make Your Own Printable Motivational Poster – Some Google Search Engines You Might Not Know About By: Steven W. Anderson – 3 Points of Wisdom For Professional Learning Communities – PLC-Next – Color Scheme Designer 3 – 21 […]

May 13

These are my links for May 13th: Online games teach students how to solve real-world problems – Related Stories – ASCD SmartBrief – History Channel Turns Foursquare Into A Real World Pop-Up Video – YouTube – SearchStories’s Channel – Can using web 2.0 tools develop independent learners? by Dan Roberts on Prezi – Welcome to […]

May 12

These are my links for May 12th: – Udemy – Academy of You | Find and Create Online Courses – Teach and Learn Online – Educational Insanity » Blog Archive » Peer-review of Marzano?s IWB Study, Part V – – HCCHS WEB 2.0 PD: web 2.0 | Glogster – ncsuced1to1 – Classroom Management […]

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