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Jun 26

I am one of the many less fortunate educators (those unable to be in Denver, Colorado for ISTE 10 and EBC10) that believes strongly in 21st Century Skills while integrating technology into education.  As a result of not being able to attend, I wante dto capture the excitement and opportunities to learn what is being […]

Jun 25

These are my links for June 25th: Trung V. Nguyen EDM 310’s Blog: Movie Project – Foreign Language – List | Diigo – The Beginner’s Guide to 21st Century Teaching and Learning – Schoolr – The only resource you’ll need. – Optical character recognition (OCR) in Google Docs – Official Google Docs Blog – Bamfield […]

Jun 22

These are my links for June 22nd: Free Technology for Teachers: Virtual Aquarium and Marine Science Lessons – EcoKids Home – 25 Tools: A Toolbox for Learning Professionals 2009 – Stop Disasters – 2012 Presidential Election Interactive Map and History of the Electoral College – 11 Helpful Cheat Sheets for Popular Google Products | Freebies […]

Jun 17

These are my links for June 16th through June 17th: PDFJoin! – Join PDF files online for free. – Detecting Plagiarism for Free – Learn How to Prevent Plagiarism in Your Classroom – WEBTOOLS applied to teaching – RIDE Office of Instruction – Critical Thinking: What Is It, Anyway? – News – Oil-spill flow rate […]

Jun 10

These are my links for June 10th: LinkBunch – Showing Bunch 02rtm – – I Education Apps Review – I Education Apps Review – bsevett’s iconnect Bookmarks on Delicious – Are there alternatives to OneNote? | ZDNet – TeacherTECH: Using Google Earth – UCTV – University of California Television – Explore the Blue – […]

Jun 09

These are my links for June 9th: Bronx Students Learn To Rap The Periodic Table – – Topics Main | Pew Research Center’s Internet – Twenty Eight Interesting Ways to Use Audio in your Classroom – Twelve Interesting Ways* to use an iPod Touch in the Classroom – Schoolhouse Rock Lyrics – Tools for […]

Jun 08

These are my links for August 20th through June 8th: Examples of Student Innovation – home – VoiceThread – Group conversations around images, documents, and videos – LinkBunch – Put multiple links into one – – | shorten multiple urls into one – CiteULike: Everyone’s library – Bricks – creative writing prompts […]

Jun 08

I recently visited with Barbara Tallent and Tina Schneider, founding ladies of LiveBinders, about future enhancements to the (IMHO) best developing Web 2.0 tool available for teachers as a result of an update e-mail they had sent out to all users.  I want to pass along the two most recent updates that show how these […]

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