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Nov 27

App Store – iStoryBooks tags: iStoryBooks app books reading interactive :: Study English with fun, free ESL video quizzes. tags: esl quiz web2.0 youtube education eslvideo language Sigue siendo un misteriO a pesar de contar con un avanzado desarrollo tecnológico. ¡FANTÁSTICO! – post by Alfonso Horcajo Gettysburg Address –  Exhibitions – (Library of Congress) tags: libraryofcongress […]

Nov 20

Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum for Grades 9-12 | Common Sense Media tags: literacy internetsafety commmonsense curriculum citizenship digitalliteracy digitalcitizenship Charles Dharapak/AP President Obama and Prime Minister Julia Gillard of Belstaff jacken Australia after a joint news conference in Canberra on Wednesday. – post by belstaff outlet The Complete Educator’s Guide to Using Google Reader […]

Nov 17

via In this post Joe Bower from Alberta, Canada raises questions about the possibility of replacing a “grades” system with the use of badges in one of his most recent blog posts. Examples of badges used as grade alternatives are illustrated in the above image. This idea of badges has me thinking of Edmodo. […]

Nov 13

BrainPOP Spotlight: Digital Citizenship. Movies, quizzes, activities, teacher resources and video tutorials tags: digitalcitizenship brainpop cybersafety resources internetsafety The 100 Best Web 2.0 Classroom Tools Chosen By You | Edudemic tags: web2.0 tools technology education edtech classroom Hogan scarpe è united nations prodotto delete negozio Hogan within uscita. Nel nostro sito che cuando possono trovare […]

Nov 06

My Safe Surf – Home tags: cyberbullying technology internetsafety education honeycutt timekiwi — create a beautiful timeline. tags: timelines timeline timekiwi create Infographics of The Week #15 | New Design Blog tags: infographic infographics designs blog Women Wearing the Pants and Taking Over [Infographic] :: Women on Business tags: infographic infographics women role leadership DEN […]

Nov 03

Presenters by strand (alphabetical by first name) in 2011 are: STORY TIME: Jim Groom and Tom Woodward and Fredericksburg, Virginia USA and Henrico, Virginia USA Keynote Andy McKiel Winnipeg, Canada Ben Hazzard Thamesville, Ontario, Canada David Jakes Naperville, Illinois, USA David Wees Vancouver, BC, Canada Interactivity and Multimedia in Math […]

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