Jan 25

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This article from was written by Dolores Gende.  She talks about creating your own textbook after providing an illustration showing textbook rental fees, cost of purchasing new or used books, and eTextbooks.   Dolores’ “The Process” image (one used to illustrate this post) says it all aggregation, curation, creation.  What really stands out on this post is the number of resource links, tool options, and strategies provided.  She even talks about the use of online learning repository options for organization ranging from Edmodo to Moodle and beyond. Another diagram within the post that makes you think is the one used in the “Teacher and Learner Roles” portion of the post.  It illustrates the transistion from teacher centered to student (learner) centered learning.  I will close with this question.  Which of the resources she provides for getting started in creating your own textbook is one others should review in considering this approach? 

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