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Feb 27

Via – EDchatHere is an infographic many of us involved with students and instructional technology would not be as surprised about as those who are not as involved.  The results are shared by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation via Socrato.   Teachers overall stated that digital learning does have a positive impact on students […]

Feb 27

Via – EDchatI am one that finds infographics quite interesting. The research information shared along with graphical images can provide a big impact in the classroom.  After all, out of all our senses, 83% of what we learn is visual.  Thus, I ask, why are educators not taking advantage of resources and projects like […]

Feb 26

Rock Our World / Great ideas on developing your own personal brand! Simple ideas that you can start today! #rockourworld #nvlalife #DENSTAR #ADEdu tags: ideas brand personal infographic infographics Flipped Classroom tags: flippedclassroom flipped techsmith pedagogy teachers Bloom’s Taxonomy – A Parent’s Guide tags: bloomstaxonomy education criticalthinking parents 22 Ways to Create Compelling Content When […]

Feb 23

Via – EDchatThanks to Richard Byrne of Free Technology For Teachers sharing this great app for streaming your iPad to a computer connected to a projector.  You will be able to annotate using any of the five tools. adjust size using two finters, and additional resources.  To learn about those features or even downloading […]

Feb 22

Via – EDchatQuality teaching instructs us that reflection and evaluation is vital in the development of ourselves as teachers. Staffroomhq raises 5 points that will be compiled in the data collection of their iPad evaluation form.  Those are: providing feedback, promoting direction, concrete data, focus, and reason.     To read the entire post […]

Feb 22

Via – EDchatThink tablets are just for consuming media? Not anymore. Now social storytelling is at your fingertips wherever you are, allowing you to create stories on the iPad as never before.   Be sure to visit to read the entire story and learn how to use Storify in creating stories. Via

Feb 19

Infographic: The Digital Classroom | TeachThought tags: infographic digitalclassroom infographics TeachThought Students can drag/drop different sea animals around to create their own environment or even to tell a story. tags: ocean animals ElementaryScience interactive link didnt work for me tags: twitter @dmantz7 link didnt work for me Physics Teacher Creates “The Inverted Classroom” at […]

Feb 17

Via – EDchatWhat are the components of a digital classroom? From eBooks to smartboards, iTunes implementation to online learning, the world of learning is changing.     I do believe this infographic from TeachThought does a nice job of addressing points comparing Textbooks and Ebooks as well as media resources currently in the hands […]

Feb 15

Via – EDchatTeachHub has compiled a list of interactive whiteboard resources and arranged them in the following catgories: * General Teacher Resources for IWB * IWB Games & Activities * Unique, Cool Whiteboard Resources * Science Website for IWB * IWB activities to teach music * Basic Reading & Foreign Language Be sure to […]

Feb 15

Via – EDchatUnusually, the search giant designs its own servers. For the first time, Google unveils one publicly, showing a surprise built-in battery. Read this blog post by Stephen Shankland on Business Tech.Via

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