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Apr 29

via GottaBe Mobile provides a relatively inexpensive method to connect an iPad with Google Drive. Those of you not familiar with Goggle Drive need to check it out. Bascially, Google has developed their own “Dropbox” that connects your Google Apps account and storage to the device(s) their software will install on. In this case, […]

Apr 29

Chrome Browser for Businesses tags: chrome browser enterprise configurations google Google Update for Enterprise – Google Help tags: google enterprise policies configurations 11 reasons to allow cell phone use in 7-12 classroms « CLOUDUCATION tags: cellphones integration New education platform from TED could help power ‘flipped learning’ | eSchool News tags: TED flipped flippedclassroom TED-Ed […]

Apr 27

See on – EDchat A quick guide to help teachers get started with Web 2.0. Stick figures included! See on

Apr 25

See on – EDchat To teach responsibly in a digital age, we have to respect what our tools can do to help us learn together — and what tools alone cannot do. We need to be prepared to adapt them to our specific needs as teachers and learners. We need tools that are as […]

Apr 24

See on – EDchat Reasons why reverse instruction is a powerful instructional technology concept, worthy of adoption by schools and teachers everywhere.Here’s a list of reasons why the flipped classroom is a great idea that needs to be embraced and encouraged by teachers, administrators, parents, and students in middle grades and higher. See on […]

Apr 24

See on – EDchat The goal is to design student-driven learning experiences that are fueled by standards-based Essential Questions and facilitated by digital tools to provide students with flexible learning paths. See on

Apr 22

PicMonkey – Photo Editing Made of Win tags: photos editing photoediting Web2.0 editor picmonkey tool edit students-like-social-media.jpg (1000×1273) tags: socialmedia students infographics epiccommunity – home dynamic environment for educators to collaborate, share their expertise, and have access to resources to strengthen their ability to plan, implement, and sustain technology-enabled learning initiatives. tags: wiki community PLN […]

Apr 19

See on – EDchat Students use smartphones to study more, and more efficiently.  This infographics provides some thought provoking statistics.  For example, nearly mobile studiers study 40 more minutes each week by studying everywhere they go.   To see other statitics visit See on

Apr 19

See on – EDchat Digital Promise is a national center founded to spur breakthrough technologies that can help transform the way teachers teach and students learn. See on

Apr 18

See on – EDchat Ocean Tracks displays the tracks of selected marine animals tagged by the CSIRO and partner agencies. Jump in to swim with 3D animations of sharks, tunas, reef fish and more.     Another site that may interest you folks that enjoy being on the water and fishing is Discovery Education’s […]

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