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May 31

See on – EDchat released this blog post on May 30th.  They have compiled their recommendations for the 50 Best iPad apps for STEM.  I like how the blog post starts off with “General” STEM apps recommendations and then addresses S, T, E, M individually with apps that meet those individual fields.   […]

May 29

See on – EDchat Multiple apps can be used in conjunction toward a larger learning goal, and at an advanced level. This is a biology project, but has potential application in drama and digital story-telling, as well. The purpose of this exercise is for the students to show their understanding of the main concepts […]

May 28

See on – EDchat Cult of Mac provides the steps and script information needed to convert your Mac to resemble the OS of an iPad.  The five areas are: 1.  Dock and Wallpaper 2.  Menubar and Dock 3.  The Finder and Homescreen 4.  Launchpad to work like your iPhone 5.  Pull down to refresh […]

May 27

The Best iPad Note Apps [Best Of] | Cult of Mac tags: ipad notetaking apps cultofmac iRollout of iPads | Mr Lovegrove The “Why”, “How” and resources for an iPad initiative.  tags: ipad ipads lovegrove initiative Educational and Assistive Technology Consulting Services — EdTech Associates EdTech Associates has compiled a list of recommended apps to […]

May 23

See on – EDchat Tris Hussey, article writer for Cult of Mac, provides details and screenshots of the Top 5 apps he would recommend for note taking. I completely agree with Tris’ recommendation of Notability.  I have been using it myself and like how I can handwrite notes, type, integrate photos, and organize by […]

May 23

See on – EDchat I find this post regarding the roll out of iPads to students and staff well organized.  Mr. Lovegrove covers the “Why”, “How”, and adds links to additional resources they incorporated.  We too have been considering the Griffin multidock stations for our cart alternatives.     Another point he addressed was […]

May 23

See on – EDchat In a world of social media and networking, I am always appreciative of John Evans and Kathleen McClaskey.  These two folks have a great collection of resources focusin on the integration of iPads into the classroom via   This post in particular caught my attention as I am always […]

May 20

PSHE Global Game – Lego – Resources – TES You will need lego to play this game. Each of your groups/students is a country. Give richer countries more lego tags: game lego resources global TES lessonplan Lesson Plan | ‘Hunger Games’ Science: Investigating Genetically Engineered Organisms – tags: science HungerGames lessonplan Media College – […]

May 17

See on – EDchat By Rob Van Nood   “I was using portfolios with limited success and spending a lot of time on them, until Evernote came into the picture.   “When I first started researching options, I was coming across a lot of companies that were really expensive, charging a lot for each […]

May 17

See on – EDchat “The latest National Geographic magazine in the NG iPad app provides a realtime opportunity to track a current/live expedition to climb Mount Everest.” Thanks to John Evans ( for sharing Wesley Fryer’s (@wfryer) post on following a live climb to Mount Everest.  See on

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