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Oct 29

See on – EDchat Scrollshow is an iPad application enabling the creation of borderless panoramic presentations as an alternative to the traditional “slide-by-slide”. Very user-friendly, Scrollshow moves the elements of the deck at different speeds along an horizontal axis following the finger’s scroll. With this innovation, Scrollshow is bringing one of the most spectacular […]

Oct 28

How to Re-engage Students Through Technology – K-12 Tech Decisions tags: howto students technology tech engagement Twelve Interactive Activities for Learning About Elections | Edutopia Edutopia has shared a nice collection of classroom lessons engaging students through the election process.  The resources shared are even broken down by grade levels.  tags: edutopia interactive activities elections […]

Oct 22

See on – EDchat Here is a very nice starting list of educators to follow if you are a Pinterest user.  Each person does provide a wealth of insight and experience using resources for student engagement as well as professional development.  See on

Oct 21

Internaut Consulting – Philanthropic & Social Ventures – Manual New Free Manual: 25 Tips for Evaluating (And Writing) Successful Technology Grant Proposals – tags: twitter instaGrok | A new way to learn Very interesting and resource rich visual search engine. It will even filter searches.  tags: searchengine research tools education learning Grok FBI – […]

Oct 16

See on – EDchat I am always looking out for new Web 2.0 tools to use within the curriculum transparently.  In reviewing another great post from Educators Technology I learned of some new options along with a couple familiar options.  The one new site that jumps out to me is “Best Evidence Encyclopedia.  The […]

Oct 16

See on – EDchat Here is an activity for students to use an iPad screencast app to show what they have learned or understand about certain curriculum objectives.  This example is using the Explain Everything template.  See on

Oct 15

See on – EDchat Great resource site shared by The New York Times regarding Presidential Election predictions based on previous voting trends as well as Electoral Votes casted.  See on

Oct 14

Search Stories tags: google storytelling web2.0 searchstories YouTube’s 4 Official Channels for Educators tags: youtube videos channels education teachers Digital Literacy in the primary classroom | Steps in Teaching and Learning tags: teaching learning classroom steps elementary digitalliteracy Mrs Young’s 4th grade class Very nice example of using blogging  tags: 4thgrade blogging elementary Intel® Teach […]

Oct 10

See on – EDchat As many of you already know, I am a big supporter for visual engagment and learning strategies in education.  Along with the visual learning I too promote student creativity.  So, I ask each of you this question “How do you engage your students while allowing them to create visual projects?” […]

Oct 10

I am currently working with pre-service students attending Sterling College as well as facilitating the “Technology in the Classroom” course online.  In trying to explain what a 21st Century Classroom and Technology Integration should look like I wanted to show off the power of my PLN.  Therefore, I ask that my PLN members and blog […]

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