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Nov 30

See on – EDchat Project Red Produced These Informative Findings and is Working to Transform Them ‘From Research to Results’. Continuing with the theme of measurable successes. See on

Nov 30

See on – EDchat I am always on the lookout for great video creation/edit options that are not necessarily download/install options.  For I see the online/web based options as being quite beneficial when working with students unable to take school technology home.  In this post on they provide a list of video tool options. […]

Nov 28

See on – EDchat As teachers work on adjusting curriculum to meet Common Core Standards as well as enhancing learning through engagement they are looking for beneficial resources.  In this Edudemic article, written by Felecia Young, Web 2.0 tools are provided based on different levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy.  Felcia has also provided a sample […]

Nov 27

See on – EDchatAre you just learning about iPads? How about creating screencasts demonstrating tools or educational processes? If you answer “Yes” to either or even both of be sure to checkout these six options. To be honest, I use and recommend options 2, 4, 6 as I have used these exact same methods […]

Nov 25

See on – EDchat Edudemic has created an outstanding infographic organizing 88 different iOS apps by content or usage categories.  So, checkout the infographic and identify which apps are missing from your collection of education apps.  See on

Nov 25

Have you ever had a student tell you they did not have time complete their homework or an assigned project? Of course we have sometime in our teaching career. However, I ask have you made the same statement when it came to someone questioning professional learning? Sadly, I have worked with teachers that personally told […]

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Nov 25

Learning and Teaching Toolkit Questioning Very nice collection of resources and ideas addressing “questioning” of students.  tags: learning teaching toolkit questioning TeachThoughtThe Inside-Out School: A 21st Century Learning Model tags: school learning model 21stcenturylearning TeachThought6 Ways Google Docs Supports Collaboration In The Writing Process tags: collaboration writing google googledocs Innovations in Education – Assessing 21st […]

Nov 18

8 Simple Ways To Start Using Video In Your Classroom – Edudemic Great infographic supporting why we all love using DE videos within our classrooms.  tags: classroom edudemic infographic video education lesson Utah Coalition for Educational Technology (UCET): 26 iBooks Author How-to Videos tags: utah coalition videos tutorials ibooksauthor technology education 15 Ways to Engage […]

Nov 16

See on – EDchat T.H.E. Journal asked educators for the most creative storytelling apps available, and we did a little digging on our own, too. The tools and apps we found turn students into novelists, artists, and moviemakers with each tool bringing its own powerful mechanism for transforming the traditional narrative–both inside and outside […]

Nov 12

See on – EDchat I am always looking out for new ways to virtually share and collaborate with peers.  In my digest this morning I read a share by Gust MEES via his E-Learning and Online Teaching page.  Ve.rbatim lets you view and browse the same website at the same time between […]

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