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Jan 31

See on – EDchat A number of comments on my recent blog post indicated that many teachers and students find the experience of text entry on the iPad to be one of it’s biggest drawbacks. I read those comments and fo… Dean Mantz‘s insight: Thanks to D.R. Author for sharing this post regarding typing […]

Jan 28

See on – EDchat Dean Mantz‘s insight: This tutorial video demonstrates the newest version of Prezi.  See on

Jan 27

Teaching Objects: Common Core Standards Aligned Lesson Plan Organizer Use Google Drive and YouTube resources to address Common Core objectives.  tags: teaching standards lessonplans commoncore Mapping Media to the Common Core » What do you want to CREATE today? Excellent source of projects integrating technology while addressing Common Core. tags: media curriculum web2.0 tools writing […]

Jan 25

See on – EDchat Cloud-based lesson plan organizer allows teachers to aggregate learning assets from Google Drive and YouTube and align lessons with Common Core State Standards. Dean Mantz‘s insight: I learned of this educator friendly resource that combines Google Drive and YouTube resources via Twitter.   See on

Jan 25

See on – EDchat Dean Mantz‘s insight: This site is rich in tools and web resources for integrating technology within the curriculum.  I really like the break down for different curriculum content areas as well.  See on

Jan 25

See on – EDchat Dean Mantz‘s insight: As Richard Byrne explains in this brief post, those of us using Google Apps for Education for "Presentations" can now view, edit, comment and create offline.  If you don’t have the offline functionality setup use this link to permit this option: See on

Jan 20

Free Technology for Teachers: Create Thematic Maps With the National Geographic Map Maker tags: freetech4teachers maps mapmaker geography App for the iPad, Hands-On Equations 1 tags: app ipad equations algebra interactive [Infographic] Components of a 21st Century Classroom tags: infographic 21stcenturylearning classroom infographics 21stcenturyskills “Learn from yesterday, live fo tags: twitter “Learn from yesterday, live […]

Jan 15

See on – EDchat Would you like to produce a podcast for free? To create or edit an audio file? To integrate the recording on your own website or blog? Dean Mantz‘s insight: Great collection of 15 free resources for podcasting.  The site also provides several lists with additional tools and resources.  See on […]

Jan 15

See on – EDchat Dean Mantz‘s insight: This image editor is looking quite promosing.  Add links to additional reasources or add masks creating regions.  I see this site being similar to See on

Jan 15

See on – EDchat Dean Mantz‘s insight: MapBox looks quite interesting.  I can see students using this site to help provide visual mapping of locations they are sharing, wanting to visit, or projections.  In all, it is similar to Google Maps but allow you to customize the data shared like what one might find […]

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