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Apr 28

12 Ways To Integrate (Not Just Use) Technology In Education tags: technology integration education pedagogy Free Technology for Teachers: Three Ways Students Can Explore Space From Their Desktops tags: freetech4teachers science space exploration A Great Guide on Teaching Students about Digital Footprint ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning One of the federal requirements we face […]

Apr 23

See on – EDUcational Chatter Dean Mantz‘s insight: I have just began testing this recommendation by Richard Byrne on Free Technology 4 Teachers.  But in the time I have taken to test the web resource, I have found it to live up to the billing of syncrhonizing notes to the video.  Now the video […]

Apr 22

See on – EDUcational Chatter Dean Mantz‘s insight: I realize this post from Nik Peachey is dated November 2011 but it does still connect with learing in 2013.  I find some of the recommended sites valuable options for those of us that facilitate online courses whether it is for K12, post secondary, or graduate […]

Apr 21

Nutrition and Healthy Eating ! Fun games to teach kids in Preschool and Kindergarten about balanced diet by i Learn With for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) a tags: nutrition eating teach kindergarten preschool diet Educational Leadership:Creativity Now!:Fundamentals of Creativity […]

Apr 17

See on – EDUcational Chatter Dean Mantz‘s insight: In looking to continue the improvement of my own classroom instruction, whether it be with pre-service students or professional development sessions, I am always looking our for insightful Blooms Taxonomy approaches.  This post from Learning Solutions Magazine contains a well constructed event map.  Within the map […]

Apr 16

See on – EDchat Dean Mantz‘s insight: This new twist by Wikispaces looks quite promising when it comes to a more interactive and learning management type of environment.  Wikispaces Classroom allows for the integration of News Feeds, Projects section, Assessment piece, and more.  For those of us already using Wikispaces we can migrate our […]

Apr 15

See on – EDchat Appolicious, the app search and discovery portal which helps users find new mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, and Android, is today launching a new service today aimed at parents, teachers and others in search of the best educational apps. Dean Mantz‘s insight: The apps are broken down by curriculum area […]

Apr 14

Curriculum: Understanding YouTube & Digital Citizenship – Google in Education even MORE awesomness from google team #gctreboot2013 tags: gctreboot2013 twitter Teacher Mode – gClassFolders v2 tags: teacher school googlescript googleapps Need a Job? Invent It – tags: nytimes job ThomasFriedman education self-directed career learning Basics of Flipped Learning: NSTA 2013 – Google Drive […]

Apr 09

See on – EDchat A list of free apps recommended by the STaRT Education Department Dean Mantz‘s insight: How many times you have said that you wish you could do something with a mobile device and another person responded with "There is an app for that"?  Well, Gary Toews’ slideshare provides a well organized […]

Apr 08

See on – EDchat Dean Mantz‘s insight: TeachThought has provided another resourceful post that should be included in all pre-service, new, and veteran teacher pedagogy toolkits.  The staff has compiled 14 Bloom’s Taxonomy Posters that included a wealth of definitions and verbage.  Be sure to checkout the Blooms Infogrpahic that identifies in-class instruction and […]

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