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Feb 05

heart_den_featuredWhat do you think of when the month of February appears on your calendar? Is it Ground Hog’s Day? What about President’s Day? Black History month? Well, our bet would be Valentine’s Day as the common event one associates with the month of February. In staying with the theme of Valentine’s Day, the Kansas DEN Leadership Council has a challenge for teachers and students. The teachers’ challenge focuses on the completion of a Board Builder answering the question of “Why do I love Discovery Education and the DEN?”. Teachers are encouraged to share their favorite lessons, SOS strategies, resources and more on the board.

As for the students, the KS DEN LC wants to challenge students to design a Board Builder that looks to persuade viewers to show their love in supporting the cause of a real world issue. The real world issue will be selected by the student or group of students. Once the issue has been identified, the Board Builder tool will be used to construct their case for persuading each viewer for support. To help the students get going, consider answering the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How points.

The Board Builder challenge is to be completed by February 28th. All projects will be shared in a culminating post by the KS LC during the first week of March. Participating teachers and classrooms will be provided something special from Discovery Education.

The KS LC looks forward to sharing everyone’s love for the DEN and real world issues!

Those taking on the challenge, we encourage you to visit these DEN STAR created resources for additional insight into DE’s Board Builder and the rubric to be used in evaluating the submissions.

Sharon Thorton’s Board Builder tutorial video on Vimeo

Shelby Bailey’s Board Builder 101 example (You will be asked to login to your DE account for access)

Discovery Education’s Board Builder rubric

KS DEN LC February Challenge submission page

Oct 10

I am currently working with pre-service students attending Sterling College as well as facilitating the “Technology in the Classroom” course online.  In trying to explain what a 21st Century Classroom and Technology Integration should look like I wanted to show off the power of my PLN.  Therefore, I ask that my PLN members and blog post readers respond to this Voicethread. Besides defining a classroom environment, this project allows me to introduce them to PLN, social media, and Web 2.0 tools.

In all, please take a minute or two and share your vision of what a 21st Century Classroom and Technology Integration looks like.  Thanks to all that contribute!


May 20
Storychasers is pleased to announce registration is open for SEVEN digital storytelling workshops in Oklahoma and Kansas in June and July 2011. These workshops for Celebrate Oklahoma Voices (COV) and Celebrate Kansas Voices (CKV) will be held the following dates in different locations:

  1. COV 1-2 Jun 2011 Muskogee, Oklahoma (2 sessions)
  2. CKV 14-15 Jun 2011 Greenbush, Kansas
  3. CKV 20-21 Jun 2011 Andover, Kansas
  4. COV 23-24 Jun 2011 Stillwater, Oklahoma
  5. CKV 28-29 Jun 2011 Haysville, Kansas
  6. CKV 25-26 Jul 2011 Greenbush, Kansas

These dates are listed on our Storychasers’ Public Events Google Calendar:

A “digital backpack” of digital storytelling supplies is included in the registration cost. Our workshop lasts two days, from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm each day, and costs $500 to attend. Participants learn to create a 3 to 5 minute digital story / video using a digital audio recorder, Audacity software and either PhotoStory3 or iMovie, depending on the computer platform used. (We teach both Windows and Macintosh users!) More details about our workshops and information about Storychasers is available in our FAQ.

Don Wilson leading a Storychasers Workshop

photo © 2008 Wesley Fryer | more info (via: Wylio)

To register for an upcoming Storychasers workshop, please fill out the “Storychasers Workshop Registration Inquiry” form online. After we receive your request, we will send you a Google Form registration link so you can enroll in your desired workshop. Our mailing address and W-9 form are available on our contact page if you need that information for your school purchasing department. Workshop payments can be submitted via school PO, check, or credit card. If you have professional development funds remaining in an existing grant or school technology bond initiative, we would love to work with you to provide Storychasers digital storytelling training for as many of your teachers as possible.

Remember ANYONE can “volunteer a site” to host a Storychaser workshop. More information and an online request form is available on our FAQ page. Storychasers now supports Celebrate Oklahoma Voices (COV,) Celebrate Kansas Voices (CKV) and Celebrate Texas Voices (CTV.) Over 880 videos created by teachers and students have been shared on our learning communities to date, and we look forward to many more this summer!

Please contact Storychasers if you have questions about our workshops. We’re serious about “empowering digital witnesses” to share their voices constructively on the global stage of the Internet! We hope you’ll join us in this important work in our communities.

If you have not already, please “like” our Storychasers Facebook page and follow Storychasers on Twitter!

Visit Celebrate Kansas Voices at:

Aug 17

I was in Warner, Oklahoma on August 6, 2010 working with middle school and high school teachers on “Levels of Teaching Innovation” (LoTi).  When at lunch I checked two of my PLN resources (Twitter and Plurk).  In checking postings I came across one from Miguel Guhlin’s Around The Corner  (@mguhlin on Twitter/Plurk) in San Antonio, Texas.  Miguel was announcing that LoTi had just started their own YouTube Channel.  What is amazing about PLNs is how fast the news gets around.  It was not 10 minutes later that Fred Saunders called me personally from LoTi headquarters to check on the session and also let me know of the new release.  I laughed when he mentioned it and explained I had already visited the site as a result of Miguel’s posting and write up on his blog.  So, I contacted Miguel and asked if he would be willing to cross post his review of LoTi’s YouTube channel.  Miguel graciously granted me permission to cross-post based on Creative Commons.  Therefore, here is Miguel’s blog post.  Thanks Miguel!

Teaching Innovation – HOT, FLAMING VIDEOS

Forgive the hyperbole, since hot and flaming may not be the best way to describe the new YouTube videos from Dr. Chris Moersch on the Levels of Teaching Innovation (LOTI)! But you will have to make that determination.

Here’s the announcement:

It’s official! I have been working on getting these videos edited and uploaded for what seems like forever, but The LoTi Classroom officially has its own YouTube channel. There are five videos where Chris analyzes classroom videos based on the H.E.A.T framework. I am pretty excited about how they turned out, but I would also welcome any comments or suggestions you might have before we tackle the next round.

To see the videos go to

LeeChel Moersch, M.Ed.



Skype & IM: lotigirlleechel

If you don’t know about HEAT, you will definitely want to check out these other videos that Chris recorded when he came to my city some time ago. Those ARE on fire, probably because of the visual effect (smile).

I made the following suggestion, slightly edited to reflect new info I just became aware of:

You know, though, that most schools can’t access YouTube videos.

Would you also consider getting your own account at and Vimeo? That way, you could easily share the appropriate video source with campuses that can’t access YouTube.

Are you releasing them under Creative Commons Copyright ShareAlike-Noncommercial-Attribution? That way, folks will get really excited they can re-use your content under that copyright. To get even farther reach, drop the “noncommercial” expectation. That way, those videos will appear EVERYWHERE in content portals organized by commercial vendors.

Check them out and offer feedback!

If you would like to learn more about Dr. Chris Moersch’s Levels of Teaching Innovation please visit LoTi Connection or read my blog post review “Turning Up the Heat“.

Jun 26

I am one of the many less fortunate educators (those unable to be in Denver, Colorado for ISTE 10 and EBC10) that believes strongly in 21st Century Skills while integrating technology into education.  As a result of not being able to attend, I wante dto capture the excitement and opportunities to learn what is being presented at EBC10 and ISTE10.  Therefore I decided to use Wiffiti to collect all of the Tweets and images from Flickr tagged with #iste10 and #ebc10 to capture everyone’s comments.   Please enjoy the feeds as they are captured and displayed via the two embed screens. Continue reading »

May 25

Differentiated Instruction is defined by Wikipedia as “…providing students with different avenues to acquiring content; to processing, constructing, or making sense of ideas; and to developing teaching products so that all students within a classroom can learn effectively, regardless of differences in ability.” I ask this question of all educators “Is this not what we look to accomplish when working with small groups or individual students?” Well, Discovery Education Streaming now has a viable answer for providing differentiated instruction.
Continue reading »

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