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Feb 24

The Kansas Discovery Education Network Leadership Council wants to invite all DEN STARS and fellow teachers to the 2015 MACE Conference educational “Discovery” gathering. The LC is looking to promote this global community through conversation shaped around your needs for professional development connecting various aspects of Discovery Education. Check out the Thinglink embed for various resources available to all educators as well as items specific to Discovery Education users. These are just a few of the discussion points we will be facilitating.

The educational “Discovery” event will be hosted at the Bluemont Hotel in Manhattan, Kansas on Thursday, March 12th from 6pm to 8pm. This time frame allows for all MACE Conference participants to walk down to the hotel following the day’s events. Please see the map below for location of the Bluemont Hotel.

To register for the Kansas Discovery Education Leadership Council’s Educational “Discovery” event visit our Wufoo form. We look forward connecting with our fellow Kansas DEN educators!

Jun 17

DENapalooza logo The Kansas DEN Leadership Council wants to invite all Discovery Education subscribers and STAR educators to participate in DENapalooza Wichita.

On Saturday, August 23, Discovery Education will be offering a FREE day of professional development and connecting with your peers at Challenger Middle School in Goddard, KS. The day will start at 9am with formal presentations from the DEN team and selected session presenters. If you are interested in presenting at DENapalooza Wichita submit your session by completing this form. Lunch time will provide opportunities to connect with other participants. The afternoon’s format will be in an unconference style. Sessions may be led by DEN STARS, Gurus, and DEN team members. Please keep in mind, even though the event is scheduled to end at 3:30pm, the learning and connections made at DENapalooza Wichita will be an ongoing collaboration. To continue the collaboration, the KS LC is looking to develop other events to go along with the 2014-2015 school year events the DEN have already planned.

Please be sure to register as tickets are going quickly for DENapalooza Wichita. The KS LC and DEN team look forward to seeing everyone in Goddard!

Nov 25

Have you ever had a student tell you they did not have time complete their homework or an assigned project? Of course we have sometime in our teaching career. However, I ask have you made the same statement when it came to someone questioning professional learning? Sadly, I have worked with teachers that personally told me that regarding sessions I offered. Now, I did not turn around and ask them “Would you accept that answer from a student not completing your coursework?” but it crossed my mind.

So, let me ask this question to all of my education peers. Have you ever wanted to ask or been asked a question to stir the pot just to start a group discussion? Well, if you have not pulled the trigger and asked that question I bet you reflect upon it and regret the decision. In this case, Tim Holt, went beyond asking a question by asking 180 Questions. In this iBook Tim focuses on Professional Learning Networks as a source for professional development beyond that offered within one’s own school district. While defining the how, who, what, and where Tim asks questions that challenges his readers to think and reflect on how they would answer each one. I truly appreciate reading material that challenges you to think and reflect upon your own classroom instruction pedagogy, personal learning approaches all while encompassing material that addresses different learning styles. Tim Holt use if imagery with little text allows for one to mentally picture themselves in that setting or easily understand the point being made by the question at hand. To go along with the visual engagement was the integration of video clips ranging from educators talking about the benefits they found from reaching out and connecting with other educators on a global scale to statements by some of the best education thinkers of our generation. Another learning strategy included in the iBook was the use of interactive questions that led to researched statistics addressing PLNs, student engagement, and education philosophies.

I hope this book review has you interested in reading Tim Holt‘s 180 Questions iBook. If it does not, here is his description and hopefully it has you curious enough to give his book a read regardless of agreeing or disagreeing with his thoughts. After all, we educators look to help our students develop the skills needed to make their own decisions.

For every educator that is part of a Professional Learning Community, there comes a time when the conversation about ‘learning about learning” slows down or even stops. This book is designed to get the conversation going again by providing daily “conversation starters” for PLCs no matter the grade level, the subject area, or the type of school. Tim Holt has created a daily reflection for each day of a typical school year that challenges educators to start really thinking about teaching and learning on their campuses.

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Oct 10

I am currently working with pre-service students attending Sterling College as well as facilitating the “Technology in the Classroom” course online.  In trying to explain what a 21st Century Classroom and Technology Integration should look like I wanted to show off the power of my PLN.  Therefore, I ask that my PLN members and blog post readers respond to this Voicethread. Besides defining a classroom environment, this project allows me to introduce them to PLN, social media, and Web 2.0 tools.

In all, please take a minute or two and share your vision of what a 21st Century Classroom and Technology Integration looks like.  Thanks to all that contribute!


Aug 17

I was in Warner, Oklahoma on August 6, 2010 working with middle school and high school teachers on “Levels of Teaching Innovation” (LoTi).  When at lunch I checked two of my PLN resources (Twitter and Plurk).  In checking postings I came across one from Miguel Guhlin’s Around The Corner  (@mguhlin on Twitter/Plurk) in San Antonio, Texas.  Miguel was announcing that LoTi had just started their own YouTube Channel.  What is amazing about PLNs is how fast the news gets around.  It was not 10 minutes later that Fred Saunders called me personally from LoTi headquarters to check on the session and also let me know of the new release.  I laughed when he mentioned it and explained I had already visited the site as a result of Miguel’s posting and write up on his blog.  So, I contacted Miguel and asked if he would be willing to cross post his review of LoTi’s YouTube channel.  Miguel graciously granted me permission to cross-post based on Creative Commons.  Therefore, here is Miguel’s blog post.  Thanks Miguel!

Teaching Innovation – HOT, FLAMING VIDEOS

Forgive the hyperbole, since hot and flaming may not be the best way to describe the new YouTube videos from Dr. Chris Moersch on the Levels of Teaching Innovation (LOTI)! But you will have to make that determination.

Here’s the announcement:

It’s official! I have been working on getting these videos edited and uploaded for what seems like forever, but The LoTi Classroom officially has its own YouTube channel. There are five videos where Chris analyzes classroom videos based on the H.E.A.T framework. I am pretty excited about how they turned out, but I would also welcome any comments or suggestions you might have before we tackle the next round.

To see the videos go to

LeeChel Moersch, M.Ed.



Skype & IM: lotigirlleechel

If you don’t know about HEAT, you will definitely want to check out these other videos that Chris recorded when he came to my city some time ago. Those ARE on fire, probably because of the visual effect (smile).

I made the following suggestion, slightly edited to reflect new info I just became aware of:

You know, though, that most schools can’t access YouTube videos.

Would you also consider getting your own account at and Vimeo? That way, you could easily share the appropriate video source with campuses that can’t access YouTube.

Are you releasing them under Creative Commons Copyright ShareAlike-Noncommercial-Attribution? That way, folks will get really excited they can re-use your content under that copyright. To get even farther reach, drop the “noncommercial” expectation. That way, those videos will appear EVERYWHERE in content portals organized by commercial vendors.

Check them out and offer feedback!

If you would like to learn more about Dr. Chris Moersch’s Levels of Teaching Innovation please visit LoTi Connection or read my blog post review “Turning Up the Heat“.

Aug 16

Last May, Steve Dembo (@teach42 on Twitter), from Discovery Education, asked if I would be interested in participating in their Summer School 2010 webinar series.  It did not take me long, maybe 30 seconds, to agree on presenting as part of the PLN Week.  Steve asked if I would discuss Social Bookmarking (Social Bookmarking in Plain English) while focusing on a few web based resources that folks could use to collect their resources.  In preparing for the webinar, I used one of my favorite web 2.0 tools, Livebinders, to collect my resources as well as using it to present from early in the session.  I started off the session by introducing some websites that included Share Tabsfur.lyLinkBunch, and others that can compile a collection of website URLs into a single URL that could be shared via website or social network.  If you are interested in learning more about each one of those sites or others covered take a look at the embed Livebinder.

“Simplify Virtually” Continue reading »

Jun 26

I am one of the many less fortunate educators (those unable to be in Denver, Colorado for ISTE 10 and EBC10) that believes strongly in 21st Century Skills while integrating technology into education.  As a result of not being able to attend, I wante dto capture the excitement and opportunities to learn what is being presented at EBC10 and ISTE10.  Therefore I decided to use Wiffiti to collect all of the Tweets and images from Flickr tagged with #iste10 and #ebc10 to capture everyone’s comments.   Please enjoy the feeds as they are captured and displayed via the two embed screens. Continue reading »

Jun 08

I recently visited with Barbara Tallent and Tina Schneider, founding ladies of LiveBinders, about future enhancements to the (IMHO) best developing Web 2.0 tool available for teachers as a result of an update e-mail they had sent out to all users.  I want to pass along the two most recent updates that show how these ladies are wanting to work with educators to further develop their Web 2.0 tool. Continue reading »

May 25

While creating a CoverItLive session to embed on the Kansas Discovery Education blog, in preparation for the Kansas MACE Conference, I noticed a Twitter message from @yoopertechgeek (Sara Beauchamp-Hicks Michigan State University). She was talking about her explorations of a website that provides you the ability to collect Twitter hashtag posts as well as permitting folks to SMS comments to a unique address. All compiled comments are displayed in a flash animated window. The site she was talking about is Wiffiti. Here is how Wiffiti is explained via their website:

What is Wiffiti?

Wiffiti 4 by LocaModa has been used at thousands of large-scale events (concerts, gallery openings, corporate conferences, nonprofit fundraisers, several major inauguration events, South by Southwest, and political conventions -including both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions). It is also used extensively in digital signage networks ranging from huge jumbotrons in Times Square to thousands of screens in bars, cafes, schools, entertainment centers and even churches!

We’ve used our deep understanding of user experience in digital out-of-home, web, and mobile to distill your feedback and requests for new features into this latest release.

In trying to learn how this site works in creating a screen to share I created a window using the tag #ICE2010 knowing the conference was over and the tags would be available on the web. Here is my example of Wiffiti.

If you would like to observe a Wiffiti in action visit my blog’s Cover It Live page on March 4th and 5th as it will be pulling Twitter posts using the hashtag of #MACE2010.

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