“Let’s Play Common Core” A Photo Story

November 26th, 2013

The Christa McAuliffe PTSA would like to thank the entire Christa McAuliffe family for making the “Let’s Play Common Core” event on November 14th a huge success. We also appreciate our surrounding community supporting the event. We offer a special thanks to Keith Reid of the STOCKTON RECORD who shared our success in his article, “School Changes Testing Standard,” http://goo.gl/p9LoZj. If you were unable to attend “Let’s Play Common Core,” we hope you will participate in our FREE online event at http://goo.gl/1azjsP.

Please enjoy the full photo story on theCMMS PTSA webpagehttp://mcauliffe.lodiusd.net/cmms_ptsa. You can also see the story with larger pictures at http://goo.gl/4JhsqC.

By:  Martha Snider, Christa McAuliffe Middle School PTSA Secretary

Photos By: Lisa Johns, Christa McAuliffe Middle School PTSA Vice-President


Back-to-School Night Huge Success

September 1st, 2013

Christa McAuliffe Middle School welcomed its 970 families back-to-school on August 15, 2013. At 5:30, Mrs. Snider and several 8th grade helpers showcased the school’s technology: Discovery Education, Edmodo, and Google Apps.

The Technology Showcase was just the beginning. Principal, Randy Malandro, officially welcomed everyone at 6pm. During this part of the program, Lodi Unified School District’s Technology Services Director, Dale Munsch, explained the Home Access Center to parents so that they can monitor students’ grades and attendance.

Families spent the rest of the evening touring classrooms and gaining a feel for what students do every day.

Mrs. Cunningham's Science Presentation

Mrs. Cunningham’s classes were packed with families wanting to learn about the school’s Science program.


Mr. Sollie's Presentation

Mr. Sollie helped families understand Common Core Math.


Mr. Garcia and the Mesa Program

Mr. Garcia explained our MESA program.

Families enjoyed accessing refreshments throughout the evening. Jamba Juice previewed our Jamba Juice Fridays by the flagpole. The Trinity Parkway Roundtable Pizza hosted a Pizza Night 4-10pm so that everyone could get a great meal. Families could grab a snack or a bottle of water at the Student Store.

There are many people to thank for a successful Back-to-School Night. We’d like to give a special thanks to Lindsay Hopkins and Discovery Education for making our advertising flyers. Our Custodian Staff led by Santiago Hau deserves a huge thank you for having our school look so nice. Of course, we thank the staff for putting in the extra hours and time spent away from their families. We thank our PTSA for all the little things that mean so much each and every day. Most of all we thank our students and families that make our school the place to be.