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Over the year’s I’ve posted PowerPoint presentations, Word Docs, and more on the streaming A-Z blog but found that they can be hard to find the more I post.

So that said, I’m going to use this page to post resources that I have created or collected from my tech friends. I’ll try to keep them in a themed area and somewhat organized. Feel free to download these resources and make them yours!

50 Ways to Use DE streaming in Your Classroom

An animated video of the 50 Ways presentation

Top five most common user questions and the answers to them!
Five Most Common User DE streaming Questions and Answers

The Assignment Builder, Quiz Builder and Writing Prompt Builder
Building a Bigger Builder – Updated 9/19/2008

Walk through animated videos of each of the builders!

Bend it, Break it, Bust it Loose: 10 Ways DE streaming will change the way you teach – updated 2/17/2010
Bend it, Break it, Bust it Loose

And in video format

Close Captioned Videos

Close Captioned Videos: How To Find Them + Tips and Tricks

Close Captioned How To Word Doc with Steps for CC and Promethean Boards – Thank you Lori Miller!

Digital Storytelling/Movie Making

Creating a Photostory with DE streaming Images

Creating a Movie with MovieMaker and DE streaming Clips

Creating a Movie with Adobe Premier Elements 4 (includes steps for Green Screens)

Making Movies in a Web 2.0 World

DE streaming Overview
Great overview of DE streaming Site – Updated 9-2-2008

Differentiated Instruction and DE streaming

Discovery Educator Network Overview

Get to Know The DEN – Thank You Steve Dembo!

Getting The Ball Rolling with DE streaming
Getting Started With DE streaming

How to Reach The 21st Century Mind – Using Discovery Education in the Classroom to Impact Instruction

Introducing the New Admin!
Introducing the New Admin!

Shuffle Yourself!
(How to move your DE streaming account from one school to another)

Shuffle Yourself!

Scavenger Hunt PowerPoint (DE streaming)
DE streaming Scavenger Hunt!

Powerpoint as a Multimedia Tool

Powering up your Presentation (Updated 2/23/2010)
Powering up Your Presentation!



Top Ten Web 2.0 Sites

Top Ten Web 2.0 Sites


52 thoughts on “The Bird House

  1. Good to see you here too, Matt. “Geekybird,” huh? This might be a good place to post that “egg” picture I got of you in Berkeley.

  2. Matt, This is a terrific list of presentations. Thanks for making them so freely available to all of us!

  3. Hi

    thanks for sharing. I will teach asummer course entitled Digital Taking for special Needs. The sitres will be most helpful. I also am working with one of my staff members who loves birds. this will be another opportunity for her to share with others.

  4. Hey Matt,

    I was recently at the Day of Discovery for DCPS educators and was wondering when you were planning to post the PowerPoint on embedding videos. I can’t remember how to insert the navigation bar at the bottom of the video once in PowerPoint that allows you to puase/play/stop/etc. Any ideas?

    Lauren Castillo

  5. Matt,

    I attended the Day of Discovery at our local ROE center last Sat. I am looking for the one page “how-tos” you showed us and haven’t had any success. Where did I go wrong? Thanks!

  6. Terrific. You saved me about 20 hours of thought and prep time for new Web 2.0 apps!!!!

  7. I attended the training session for MCPS on Friday afternoon.
    Unforunately, my log-on is still a trial version. I am unable to view videos.
    Can this be changed. We tried during training, but it has not taken yet.

  8. Thank you for having resources all in one place! A huge time & brain saver! You rock!

  9. Matt, Your geekybird link is so easy to get to and the resources are HUGE. Thanks for making Web 2.0 connections to Discovery Streaming.

  10. Dear Matt,

    Many thanks for your presentation this afternoon. I’ll enjoy many hours of trying to produce interesting content for my third graders.

  11. From reading these comments, I think I would have liked to go to the Day of Discovery. Is this a repetitive thing? Will it happen again soon? I don’t think I saw anything advertising it, but would love to look into attending if it is not too late this year. I haven’t been on this site before although I live by using video streaming in my 6th grade science and social studies classrooms. Thanks for providing this content for us to use!

  12. Hi Matt!

    I was trying to figure out a way to best train myself on our site and I am finding your GeekyBird blog an excellent start! Thanks! Carol

  13. Matt: How very timely and valuable. Your instruction is crystal clear – a real bird’s-eye view even for non-geeks! Really enjoyed your presentation in DC yesterday.

  14. Hi Matt,
    This is a great list. I have saved MANY of your resources. I believe in the power of digital storytelling and appreciate your suggestions.

  15. Matt,

    Your PowerPoint presentation, Creating a Movie with MovieMaker and DE Streaming Clips was a great help when I took Lance’s class from Wilkes last term. Today while browsing your site, it was great to find the write up of how to change the font size and text of closed captioning in How to Reach The 21st Century Mind – Using Discovery Education in the Classroom to Impact Instruction. Thank you very much.

  16. Bend, Break & Bust it Loose:10 Ways to Engage Your Kids
    Where is this in Bird House?

  17. Matt, I attended your Bend it Break it Bust it loose at Pet&C but I can seem to find it on this site. Can you direct me to it.


  18. Matt,
    I attended Bend, Break & Bust it Loose at the Pete&C conference and wanted to let you know that it was a great session. The United (Discovery)Streaming sessions make for a great conference. Keep up the good work!

  19. Loved the Bend It, Break It, Bust It Loose session and Pete&C. Our district has access to DEstreaming+ and I can’t wait to share your info and site with other teachers. Thanks for a great session!!!

  20. Matt,
    Is there any way that I can get the videos contained in the Bend It Break It PP? After I downloaded the PP I got two messages that the movies couldn’t be located? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  21. Matt,

    I attended both your sessions at PETE&C (Bend It…. and Here, There,….). Both were excellent sessions! One quick question — during your Bend It… session, I think you showed how you had pictures that were in sort of 3D form that you scrolled through as they flew across the screen from right to left (I think you were even looking for that shark photo as you were doing it!). Can you tell me what application this was to make your pictures do that?

    thanks and thanks again for the great sessions!

  22. Thanks for your comments guys. That image trick is super cool. To enlarge a picture all you have to do is find any image, I like the image titled “Federal Troops at Rest.”

    Then once you find the image you have three preview and/or download options. The last option is to preview the large image. Click on the preview link next to the word “large.”

    Then, if you’re using Firefox or Intenet Explorer 7, simply click anywhere on the image and use the scroll bars at the bottom and side of the screen to navigate around the image.

    If you are using an older version of Internet Explorer 6, hover over the picture and you will see a square with arrows pointing out of it. Simply click on this square to enlarge the image.

    I hope this helps you enjoy the 20k+ images in a brand new way!

  23. Hi Matt, I enjoyed your presentation at PETE C! Thank you for sharing your resources. One of my teachers is very interested in the homophone powerpoint but the link did not work when I downloaded the presentation. Would you be able to post it or send it to me? Thanks so much.

  24. Great presentation in SL last night. you did a fabulous job, especially for a newbie.Thanks so much for posting this wealth of resources, as well. You can be sure I will use both.

  25. Hi,

    I loved your presentation at VSTE. You took us to the birdhouse, and a long list of tutorials with links came up. I went to show them to my teachers, and they were gone. I clicked on some other links on your page, but haven’t found them. Help, I would like to share some of these because so many of our teachers use this resource.

  26. Thanks for assignment builder tutorial at VSTE and the wealth of resources posted here. I shared a senses video with you and can’t wait for Media share access. After dinner out, as my son read the close captioning on the muted TV overhead, I get home and see your cc ppt. Gotta love synchronicty. Will start using cc videos at school next week. Thanks again.

  27. Matt,
    I love the technique you describe in your Multimedia presentation for embedding videos into PowerPoint. Our school has upgraded to Office 2007 however, and the menu bars are totally different. Have you attempted to embed a video into this new version? If so, can you direct me where to go? Thanks so much. I’m trying to help a student who is competing in a technology fair.

  28. Lovely seeing you in Palm Springs, CA at CUE. Did you have any more questions about using CTRL +/- keys to zoom in and out in Firefox? You can reset to normal by hitting CTRL-0 (zero, not the letter O)?

  29. Hi Matt,
    I went to a DE training in Wenatchee yesterday. I have been trying to find the little movie the teacher made with the homophone song from DE. I found the PP, but the hyperlink didn’t work. Is it located somewhere else? thank you.
    Linda Hightower
    Cashmere High School

  30. Help!! Does anyone know how to ensure that videos play when they are embedded into a power point presentation? I have embedded a video from United Streaming into 3 power points and downloaded them to my webpage. The students cannot get them to play. Any ideas?

    Thank You!!


  31. When you embed videos into a PowerPoint, be sure the name is not too long or you will get a white screen. Keep the name of the embedded video short. Uploading PowerPoints on the web creates another problem. You have to zip the files to be sure you have all the connected media (videos, audio, etc.)

  32. Matt,
    It was great to meet you and I forgot to ask whether the title of this page has anything to do with They Might Be Giants, or just your geeky-ness and symbolism of the Phoenix.
    That said, I want to thank you for showing the administrator tricks for analyzing Discovery usage. This is a great tool, easy to use, and I will be sharing it (& the powerpoint) with the school leaders I work with.
    You do great work! Thanks for all your help.

  33. I have followed the steps carefully, with our tech director watching, and am still unable to view closed captioning on downloaded videos. The frustrating part is that I did it last June while leading Professional Development but haven’t been able to make it work since! Help, please!

  34. Absolutely awesome and inspiring list, Matt. Guess what I’m doing during my recuperation. Thank you so very much for sharing your resources. Brilliant work!

  35. Math,
    Just want to thank you for sharing all your wonderful PPTs & more from yesterdays Ohio conference. It’s greatly appreciate!

  36. Hi from Arizona!
    Thanks for your presentation on the marathon streaming day. I always learn something from you.
    I just wanted to drop a note about some frustrations we were having with closed captioning:
    We couldn’t get them to show even when we went to the play menu and turned them on. After Googling around for some help, we found that we had to go to Tools–>Options–>Security and check “Show local captions when present” to get anything to work. Have you run into that much? I have had the issue on all the PCs I’ve used.
    Keep up the valuable work!

  37. Matt,
    I always know that if I have a DE streaming question all I have to do is visit your blog for the answer! Great JOB!
    Carolyn Rains

  38. Matt: Thanks for your inspiring workshop today! I acquired some useful information in which I can’t wait to employ (especially some of the sites you shared). Technology rocks in VA! VSTE 2009

  39. Matt,

    I enjoyed your presentations at the VSTE conference. Thank you for all you do and especially for sharing all your presentations! They will save me a lot of time when I present to teachers. Keep up the fantastic work!!!


  40. Thanks for presenting at VSTE. I have enjoyed all your presentations and have learned so much more from DE to share with my teachers and fellow ITRTs.

  41. Matt – Thanks so much for all of the fantastic info at the VSTE conference in Roanoke. I can’t believe how much I have to share with my teachers! We all appreciated everything you & the rest of the Discovery boys shared. Come on down for some “milk & cookies”!
    Sue (the librarian)

  42. Hey Matt!

    Just wanted to thank you for the ‘outing’ Monday night at VSTE, and congratulate you on the great job you did as the KEYNOTE speaker!!! You and the Discovery folks never cease to amaze me!!! I can’t wait to share all of the info I learned (and use your ppt’s in the process!)

    Ann Marie

  43. Hi Matt! I truly enjoyed your presentation at VSTE! I am loving the abililty to download and change the fonts and colors of the CC file. My question is this: once I download both the video and CC file, is there any way to put those files on an iPod nano or touch so that the kids have the CC on the iPod while watching the video? I have both a Mac and PC so that will not be an issue if it can be done on one and not the other.

    Thanks for any help you can give me!

  44. Sorry I could not attend FETC or the PreFETC activity this year. However, I am giving a Discovery workshop in a neighboring county this week. Wish me luck! Thanks for this site for me to use in my presentation! :)

  45. Matt–

    Hi, there! It was nice to meet you at our DE training earlier this semester at Sprayberry HS. You mentioned that DE would be needing teachers over the summer to write assignments and questions related to the videos… how do I get more information about this opportunity?

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