Rocky Start …

November 12th, 2013

I am always excited at the beginning of the year, and this year I had big plans to really use technology with my students, not only to have them using technology, but CREATING with technology. That came to a crashing halt with the “new system” the district began using. Slow connections, blocked sites, unavailable documents all led to rising frustration on my part, and a sense of defeat, and boredom for my students as they waited and waited and waited for sites that never appeared.

The problems appear to be fixed, but it is difficult to revive that same excitement. I had to revert to paper and pencil tasks, and now my students have to be taught again the procedures. It can be done, but I can feel my energy wane every time I start.

But as my mother always said, this too shall pass.

Gaming in the classroom

May 16th, 2013

So this is a bit of what I was musing about in my last post! Now, to decide how to implement it!

Blended Learning

May 11th, 2013

What works in a Discipline Alternative Education Program, aka DAEP, epecially in math? Let me put out here what I know.

1. Many of these students have disengaged from the SCHOOL learning process. They have a history of failure and school is no longer important. Many have grand notions about what they can do and earn without the benefit of even a high school education.

2. They can learn. Many learn how to survive on the streets, within the gang culture, within dysfunctional families. They play video games and they can learn how to operate the newest cell phone without pause. They navigate social media as if it were reality – and for many, it may be.

3. Most want to succeed at something, and they will do whatever it takes. Now, that could mean clowning or becoming violent, but if one can grab their attention, and show them A way, not THE way … they can be unstoppable.

4. Many are dying for human connections, and that is figuratively and literally. Most of my students do not see how they fit in. True, they may be part of a gang, but they cannot hold a job. True, they may not want to be at school, but they come, almost every day. Starved for attention, they come.

This year I have tried a variety of approaches. I have modified the idea of “Flipped Teaching”, allowing students to view videos of instruction during class time, taking notes, and then giving some assignment, generally computer based. This seemed to work well for quite a while. However, I used videos already “out there”, from youtube, Khanacademy, and other sites, and so often what was presented in the video may not have been what I needed my students to learn. However, they DID watch, and they DID take notes. Almost every student remarked that programs like and that give immediate feedback were much more helpful than traditional paper and pencil task.

But even these things are failing me now.

I think it is in part, a sense of failure on the part of my students. I think, in part, it is a lack of connection with me as a teacher. And I think, in part, that we are all bored.

So what will work. I watched a TED video recently on gaming and education. Today, I read an article on gaming, not on necessarily playing games, but the aspects of games that hook us. So now I am wondering, how can I use some of these gaming techniques (badges, levels, modding, etc) along with what I already do, to keep us all interested.

Not sure how this will all pan out, but I have some new food for thought.

The END of the Year

August 31st, 2007

Well, I am not new to blogging, I have a poetry blog in English, a photo/poetry blog in Spanish, a ME blog of almost daily photos, and another educational blog at .  I am not sure what to SHARE, although I agree that sharing is vital.

As we end the year, students come to school less motivated, especially in an alternative discipline campus.  Recently I had a young lady say, “I don’t need to go to school.  I am gonna marry a rich guy.”    I was so sad that at this point in history I would have a student say this!  So, changing in midstream, I decided we would look at some unusual jobs.  After all, something must interest her, and my other students.

We watched a Planet Earth video, and then listed all the differerent “jobs” that went into creating that piece.  My students then picked one to research.  Although it was a lesson created “on the fly”, I am hoping that my girls see there are other opportunities out there.